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I drew Tianlongbabu with Stable Diffusion

I drew Tianlongbabu with Stable Diffusion

May 5th, 2023
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Reddit user @Blade2019Runner recently shared with you how he used Stable Diffusion to draw the illustrations of the "Tian Long Ba Bu" series. The following content is combined with the content of the post and the comment area. I hope you can be inspired.

Drawing process

This is a fairly flexible process that can be simplified to:

Use Controlnet to obtain the composition → "PS stacked material → SD partial redrawing (inpaint) → PS stacking material → SD partial redrawing (inpaint)" and so on until the desired effect is achieved.

1. Use Blender to draw the basic model of the character

Blender is a free and open-source 3D graphics software. From the flow chart shared by the author, we can see that this step does not require superb modeling skills, mainly for better acquisition of character movements in the subsequent process. Moreover, the author also uses the most basic 3D models, which can be easily downloaded from Blender3D , blendermx and other websites.

After importing Blender, set the shape for the character, you don't even need to export, just take a screenshot, and you can go to the second step.

2. Use ContorlNet to obtain the composition The author uses three application models of Controlnet: OpenPose, Canny, and Depth to obtain pose, line draft, and depth of field respectively. This allows you to control different parts of the screen separately.

3. PS material stacking and SD partial redrawing

Take the picture below as an example. Use PS to paste the "material similar to the expectation" on the picture generated by SD, cover the unsatisfactory elements in the original picture, and then use SD to partially redraw.

This step can refer to this video learning: How to Make Concept Art with AI

Steps 2 and 3 are repeated until the desired effect is obtained.

The following is the key process drawn by the author

Original address: Use SD to graphic my beloved swordsman novel... Use SD to graphic my beloved swordsman novel...Part.2


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