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ChatGPT Prompt Project for Developers

ChatGPT Prompt Project for Developers

May 5th, 2023
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Course Introduction

It has been almost 5 months since ChatGPT was launched, but many people have not really mastered its usage skills.

In fact, the difficulty of ChatGPT lies in the writing of Prompt (prompt words). The founder of OpenAI said on Twitter in February this year: "It is an amazing high-leverage skill to be able to write a Prompt to talk to a chat robot ".

Because after the release of ChatGPT, how to write Prompt has become a watershed. Those who are proficient in writing Prompt can quickly make ChatGPT understand the requirements and perform tasks well.

All the AI assistants, intelligent translations, and role-playing you see on the Internet are essentially realized by writing prompts.

As long as your Prompt is written well enough, ChatGPT can help you complete a lot of work quickly, including writing crawler scripts, financial data analysis, copywriting polishing and translation, etc., and these tasks are better than ordinary people.

In order to help everyone better grasp the Prompt project, DeepLearning.ai founder Wu Enda and OpenAI developer Iza Fulford jointly launched a technical tutorial for developers: " ChatGPT Prompt Project ".

Teacher Wu Enda believes that everyone has heard of it. As a heavyweight in the field of artificial intelligence, we often see him active in the field of AI technology.

Another lecturer, Iza Fulford, may not be familiar to you, so I will focus on it here.

She is a top student at Stanford, and the document search plug-in that ChatGPT open sourced on GitHub before: Retrieval was created by her.

In addition, she is also the editor of the OpenAI Cookbook (official manual). If you have a deep understanding of GPT-related technologies recently, this manual should be familiar to you.

This manual provides a large number of GPT-related use cases, which can help you quickly get started and master the development and application of the GPT model.

It can be said that the tutorials launched by these two big guys will definitely not be bad. What's even more exciting is that this tutorial is completely open to the public, and everyone can learn for free!

So, what is the main content of this tutorial?

The tutorial is divided into 9 chapters, totaling more than one hour, which mainly covers: best practice of prompt words, comment sentiment classification, text summary, email writing, text translation, quickly building a chatbot, etc.

You can find all the popular cases of ChatGPT in this tutorial, which is very comprehensive!

In addition to learning how to use Prompt in this tutorial, you can also learn the development knowledge of GPT interface calls. If necessary, you can even extend this tutorial to build an amazing app.

At present, the tutorial has been officially launched on DeepLearning.ai. The official website provides an interactive Notebook, so that you can learn while following the practice of writing code.

However, this tutorial is only available in English at the moment, in order to allow students who do not understand English to learn and master this technology as soon as possible.

It took me a day to fully translate all English subtitles, and upload all videos and subtitles to Bilibili simultaneously.

If you have time, you can learn more about this tutorial. I believe that the whole study will definitely benefit you a lot!

Quick Look at the Tutorial

01 Course Introduction

02 Guidelines for use

03 Engineering iteration

04 Text Summary

05 Model reasoning

06 Text translation

07 Text expansion

08 Chatbot

09 Course Summary


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