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ChatGPT can upload files, understand document image datasets in seconds, and execute codes with one click

ChatGPT can upload files, understand document image datasets in seconds, and execute codes with one click

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Hayo News
May 6th, 2023
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ChatGPT has launched a new experimental mode, and many netizens have successively received the code interpreter Alpha test qualification.

In simple terms, this mode provides two functions: execute Python code and accept file upload and download .

Why a combination of these two functions?

You can see the hottest test result at present, which is related to data science :

The author first uploads a dataset in CSV format, then asks how ChatGPT can analyze or process the data, and gives 10 suggestions.

It’s pretty normal up to this point, but the next step makes people’s jaws drop——

Do it all.

ChatGPT said that some operations require additional data and cannot be executed, but all the operations that can be executed are done...

The author later revealed that he is not actually a data scientist who studies this field at all. He first asked ChatGPT "what data will be very popular with visualization", and then asked ChatGPT to find out where to find these data...

Many people believe that this new model will completely change data science and is the next big thing in AI.

In addition to data visualization, you can also use ChatGPT's old skills of generating text to summarize business strategies from the data.

Others believe that the barriers to entry for data science will be greatly lowered in a way that has never been imagined.

The best example of this point of view is that a netizen exported his Apple health data, and used this method to let ChatGPT generate a heat map of the number of steps taken every day.

In addition to data science, more ways to play the ChatGPT code interpreter mode have gradually been excavated.

ChatGPT supported by Python can do it

Someone uploads a picture and asks ChatGPT to convert it to PDF. For other formats, as long as Python has a corresponding library, it is theoretically possible.

Goodside, the world's first full-time prompt engineer, allows ChatGPT to edit videos on demand and automatically produce emoticons.

There are also designers who upload a poster and let ChatGPT extract the colors from it to make a palette.

If you think of any other ways to play, welcome to share in the comment area.

If you want to qualify for the internal test, here will also give application strategies.

Application strategy

The internal test qualification of the code interpreter mode is not randomly issued, but optional when applying for the ChatGPT plug-in test qualification.

The application address will be placed at the end of the article.

It should be noted that although OpenAI gives a single choice, some netizens found that it can actually be filled in repeatedly.

If you're lucky, all three modes can be obtained with the same account... I'm so envious.

However, it is mainly paid Plus users who have received the test so far. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

It doesn't matter if you can't apply. Someone suggested that as long as ChatGPT writes the code first, and then run it elsewhere, although it is a bit troublesome, the effect is basically the same.

For example, Replit is a platform that can execute code in a browser without installing a local environment.

Application address: https://openai.com/waitlist/plugins

Execute code online: https://replit.com

Reference link:

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