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ChatGPT big update! There is no need to queue up for networking/plug-in functions, and Plus users can experience it next week

ChatGPT big update! There is no need to queue up for networking/plug-in functions, and Plus users can experience it next week

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Hayo News
May 13th, 2023
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Good news, ChatGPT's networking and plug-in functions don't have to wait!

OpenAI just announced that ChatGPT Plus users will be able to use these new features directly next week without queuing .

Specifically, in the latest beta version of networking and plug-ins, ChatGPT will add such an interface in the settings:

To review, the web browsing function allows ChatGPT to no longer be limited to answering information before September 2021, and can directly query the latest news online.

The plug-in function is equivalent to a toolbox for ChatGPT to further release its capabilities.

As soon as the news came out, netizens were very excited, and they all said: This is what they were waiting for!

There are also melon eaters who think that this may not have been involved in Google's recent update:

OpenAI vs Bard, the race heats up.

70+ plugins have been launched

Since the end of March, when ChatGPT Wang Zha updated and announced the launch of the plug-in function, the number of third-party plug-ins has increased from 10 to 70+.

Source: twitter@Hitw93

With the support of these plugins, ChatGPT has already generated web pages:

Generate recipes based on pictures:

Help you find a job:

Everything comes.

Recently, there is also a plug-in called code interpreter .

Powerful enough to be evaluated as "will change everything".

The main functions of this plugin include using Python, uploading and downloading files, and the most amazing thing is its powerful data visualization capabilities.

For example, upload a CSV file of the location of lighthouses in the United States, and after a few seconds, the ChatGPT code interpreter can generate such an intuitive gif:

It can also turn ChatGPT into a data scientist in minutes. All a human "assistant" needs to do is upload the data and tell ChatGPT what analysis needs to be done.

For example, to analyze Netflix movie data, just upload the relevant dataset.

With the help of the code interpreter, ChatGPT can call Python's Pandas library to automatically analyze what information is included in the csv file.

At this time, it is OK to tell ChatGPT the part you want to focus on, such as the differences in Netflix's film sources in different regions. ChatGPT can be asked to put the analysis results into a PDF and provide a download.

Based on the file upload and download functions, the ChatGPT code interpreter can also be used as a color extractor and image compression tool for designers.

You can also do basic video editing, such as converting moving pictures into video and adding slow zooming.

More fresh applications, valued Plus users can explore by themselves~

One More Thing

According to OpenAI's plan, new functions such as networking and plug-ins will be updated in three stages.

Alpha stage: Only a small number of users get early access to the trial. At this stage, OpenAI's main goal is to collect feedback from different groups of users and continuously adjust new features.

Beta stage: open new feature testing to ChatGPT Plus users.

General Availability: After beta testing is complete, OpenAI evaluates whether new features are ready for everyone. If all goes well, all ChatGPT users will be able to experience networking and third-party plugins.

Beta is here, can free use be far behind?

Reference link:

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