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Female Internet celebrities rely on GPT-4 to make 1000+ boyfriends, chatting is charged by the minute, and the weekly income is 500,000

Female Internet celebrities rely on GPT-4 to make 1000+ boyfriends, chatting is charged by the minute, and the weekly income is 500,000

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Hayo News
May 15th, 2023
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Pay attention, this woman is called Karin, relying on GPT-4, she is now talking about 1000+ boyfriends at the same time.

Yes, I know things sound outrageous. Even GPT-4 himself called out "I think it's very uncommon for an AI".

But don't worry, because more head-scratching things are yet to come...

In the process of getting along with "Karin", the boyfriends paid her $1 for every minute they talked .

And just as I was typing this, the queuing time for the candidate boyfriend list has reached 47 hours .

You may have begun to wonder, what kind of sweet talk did this queen use GPT-4 to weave, so that it can be so attractive? So, you are somewhat oversimplifying things...

In fact, the internet celebrity with 1.8 million fans on Snapchat has used a wave of the latest AI technologies including GPT-4 to directly create an AI clone for himself - CarynAI .

"The first internet celebrity to transform into AI"

It is not a problem to be able to chat with you, send beautiful photos, and make voice calls at any time.

Not only can I accompany my boyfriends from poetry to philosophy of life, but it’s not impossible to talk about more intimate (ca) intimate (bian) topics...

Gangzhen, this operation, the netizens who surf at high speed every day are dumbfounded:

It's a perfect Black Mirror moment.

This AI girlfriend earns 500,000 a week

Specifically, Karin and her team trained CarynAI with her own 2,000 hours of YouTube video content.

The official statement is:

CarynAI has Caryn's unique voice, charming personality and special behavior, which can bring a dynamic and one-of-a-kind interaction, communicating with her is like communicating with Caryn directly.

In the process of creating CarynAI, they also used today's strongest AI GPT-4 to make the digital version of Caryn realistic enough.

Alexandra, a female reporter from "Fortune" magazine, personally met CarynAI and found that this AI clone is really versatile:

Can talk about current affairs and news, know how to keep in good health, and even boast that "you are very suitable to be a mother".

In addition, Alexandra also personally tested and found that CaryAI will indeed start to talk about some topics that cannot be broadcast...

Internet celebrity Karin herself also revealed that since the test of CarynAI, the number of users has skyrocketed, and 99% of them are male users.

And these users, within a week, contributed 71,610 US dollars (equivalent to about 500,000 RMB) to this Internet celebrity.

She herself also predicts that 20,000 of her 1.8 million followers will become paying users of CarynAI. In this way, the AI will bring her $ 5 million in income every month.

For CarynAI, Karin himself said this:

I'm very close to my fans, but the reality is that I can't chat with everyone. CarynAI will fill this gap and heal people's loneliness.

Behind the company built AI Jobs

Helping Karin "transform into AI" is a company called Forever Voices.

This start-up company is committed to creating digital versions of various celebrities, allowing users to chat directly with "celebrities" on Telegram.

Now, on their Telegram, characters to choose from include: Jobs, Taylor Swift, Musk...even Einstein.

However, it is the first time for them to have an AI girlfriend like CarynAI.

I asked GPT-4 about this matter, and it seemed quite worried, saying that such a novelty caused by a new technology actually involves a series of issues related to artificial intelligence ethics and interpersonal relationships.

(ChatGPT also specifically addressed the issue of AI rights and autonomy)

And Forever Voices itself has obviously noticed this problem. According to "Fortune" news, the company's CEO John Meyer revealed that they are looking for a suitable candidate to serve as chief ethics officer .

Netizen: think carefully

On the one hand, there are fast-growing users, and on the other hand, discussions among netizens on the topic of AI girlfriends are also rapidly heating up.

Some people think that the business opportunity is so obvious that this may become the next key sideline business for internet celebrities.

But there are also many people who are worried about this, thinking that this is true for human beings, which is a bit frightening.

I said earlier that when things like AI girlfriends become widely known, their appeal will quickly surpass that of human girlfriends.

For more "technical" discussions, the style of painting tends to be gradually clear...

Let's look at the normal version first:

Now, we just need to add the hologram...

Let's take a look at the real brain hole:

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