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Midjourney CN User Guide

Midjourney CN User Guide

May 16th, 2023
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On May 15th, Midjourney China opened the test application and announced that it will be opened at 6:00 pm every Monday and Friday. The number of people will be limited each time. Once the upper limit is reached, you need to wait for the next opening time. In general, it is not very difficult to join the MJCN test.

Therefore, here is an MJCN getting started guide for you, some of which are mentioned in the official manual, and some details will be added, hoping to help you.

join channel

  • The Chinese version of Midjourney is carried on the QQ channel
  • Open every Monday and Friday at 6:00 pm, and the entrance will be closed after a certain number of people are reached
  • QQ scan the QR code below to apply to join the channel

enter image description here

  • The QQ channel is the only platform of MJCN, and there is only one channel

image generation

Drawing commands can be sent to any sub-channel within the channel (as long as speech is allowed).

The drawing instruction consists of: @Midjourney + model selection + text description + image scale + model version


  1. If the model selection is empty, the default MJ model will be used, and you can enter "/manga" to switch to the manga (Niji) mode. Example: @Midjourney / Manga Girl Dancing in the Rain
  2. Image scale format is --ar(space)+scale. Currently supported ratios: 4:3\3:4\9:16\16:9 (1:1 by default). Example: @Midjourney / Manga Girl Dancing in the Rain -- ar 9:16
  3. When the model version is empty , the default model version of Midjourney is V5.1, and the default version of Niji is V5 (synchronously updated with the international version model). If you need to call the previous model version, just follow the text prompt with the command, such as --v1 . Example: @Midjourney / Manga Girl Dancing in the Rain --ar 9:16 --v1

After the command is sent, it will start drawing, and the Midjourney robot usually takes 1 minute to generate 4 pictures.

Each user can experience 25 free image generation, including 4 thumbnails (counted as one generation), Variation change, directional modification, all of which will consume your experience times.

Image Export/Orientation Modification

After the initial generation of four rough images, you can select specific images for detailed zoom-in or generate similar images.

● If you want to enlarge a picture, please refer to the thumbnail and enter U + the number corresponding to the picture, such as U1

● If you want to change randomly based on a certain picture, please refer to the thumbnail and enter V + the number corresponding to the picture, such as V1

● If you want to make directional modification based on a certain picture, please refer to the thumbnail, enter R + the number corresponding to the picture + the original spell and your modification, for example, the spell I originally wrote is "Ocean", and I want to make directional modification to add Sunset, the command I need to quote and reply to enter is: "R1 Sea Sunset"

FYI, U is the abbreviation of Upscale; V is the abbreviation of Variation; R is the abbreviation of Remix.

Paid Subscription Prices and Benefits

Each user can experience 25 free image generation

Enter "/subscribe" in the channel to receive the payment QR code sent by the robot, and the membership can be activated after the payment is completed.

enter image description here

Gallery/MJ Applet

Private message MJ robot/gallery, the robot will send you the gallery entry link

The page after entering the gallery is as follows, which contains all the images you have generated through the MJCN QQ channel in the past.

You can also do some creations in the gallery. After entering the description of the screen in the text input box, click the icon of the sailing ship to start image generation.

You can add the parameters you need in the text input box, such as --ar 9:16 --v 5.1 --style raw, etc.

Click "+" to add a reference image, which supports adding multiple reference images.

Click "···" to quickly switch between different presets

● Click on box 1 to switch between Midjourney mode/Niji manga mode

● Click the 2nd box to switch between different versions of the model

● Click on the 3rd box to switch the commonly used aspect ratio

Once the image is generated, it will appear in your gallery (it will take some time)

Click on the picture generated in the gallery to view the picture and the corresponding description, and use the zoom in (U) and change (V) commands.

The enlarged image will appear in the latest picture in your gallery, click and long press to save it locally.


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