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Evaluation of the online version of ChatGPT: What can it do after being "armed" by more than 70 plug-ins?

Evaluation of the online version of ChatGPT: What can it do after being "armed" by more than 70 plug-ins?

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Hayo News
May 17th, 2023
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Although it cannot be said to be "omnipotent", ChatGPT has a wide range of functions, which can be described as "going into the sky".

Since the launch of ChatGPT, large language models have become a hot topic in the press. Many companies are trying to catch up with OpenAI, but ChatGPT, as a pioneer, is unique in this field.

On Saturday, OpenAI CEO Altman announced that ChatGPT's networking and plug-in features will be launched soon, and ChatGPT Plus paid users who subscribe to GPT-4 will immediately enjoy this game-changing AI experience.

ChatGPT is the next generation search engine?

Although the existing capabilities of AI have surprised us, but before the update, ChatGPT could only answer accurate questions due to the limitation of training data, but could not deal with current events and existing information. The company is also wary of plans to bring large models online because of security concerns.

Using ChatGPT's web browsing capabilities, users can now ask more questions, such as who won the Oscar for Best Actor, Best Soundtrack and Best Picture. AI will summarize potentially relevant answers and news articles within seconds. If the user doesn't get a satisfactory answer, they can prompt further as before to get a more accurate result.

ChatGPT-Plus users use networking functions and online plug-ins

ChatGPT-Plus users can now access more than 70 third-party web service plugins, such as Expedia, Kayak, and Instacart. Using these plugins, users can prompt ChatGPT to perform tasks on specific websites. This update also means that the last seal of ChatGPT has been completely lifted.

For example, in a demo shown by itsOpenTable and Instacart plugins, users asked ChatGPT to recommend a restaurant for a Saturday get-together and an easy recipe for a Sunday. In a few seconds, with the help of the plugin, ChatGPT will give recommendations that meet the user's requirements.

The update of ChatGPT makes people's life more convenient. Faced with the arrival of ChatGPT's networking and plug-in functions, netizens can't wait to experience it for themselves.

If you want to try out the new plugin as a ChatGPT Plus user, just click on the three dots icon next to your name at the bottom of the left pane on the chat screen, then select "Settings", click "Beta Feature Settings" and open the plugin Just switch.

You can install as many plugins as you want, but you can only have a maximum of three active at a time.

After The RundownAI qualified for the new version of the test, they summarized the 8 craziest things they found ChatGPT accomplished.

Task 1: Ask to find the latest news in the field of AI and display it in a table with source links.

Task 2: Summarize some pages and grab related links. For example, let ChatGPT summarize The Rundown's newsletter and list 10 URL links.

Task 3: Find popular posts in a certain reddit board. For example, find out what the top posts of the day are in the /r/chatgpt subreddit.

Task 4: Analyze Twitter's open source algorithm. For example, use the chat GPT test in the Twitter algorithm and disseminate the results on Twitter.

Mission 5: Help find a tourist attraction in Maui, Hawaii that hides gems.

Task 6: Automatically search restaurant reviews without opening the app. For example, find the top 3 cafes in Vancouver with excellent reviews.

Task 7: Recommend the top 10 stocks that performed this week. If you think of Chat GPT as an AI stock analyst, you would ask it this question.

Task 8: Help write an article on AI threats and cite at least 5 sources with source URL links. The current chat GPT can help you write the entire article and mark the source of the citation.

It can be seen that the chat GPT after adding multiple plug-ins is more abundant than the existing Bing search output, and has the potential of a productivity tool. However, whether it is worth paying people to use requires further testing with more people.

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