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【Telegram】How to register and use a domestic number?

【Telegram】How to register and use a domestic number?

May 22nd, 2023
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(This tutorial needs to be online scientifically~)

At present, it is known that the domestic account number +86 cannot receive verification SMS. We can register through the access code platform,

[Step 1] First enter: https://sms-bus.com/

In the upper right corner is login and registration, and you can directly register and log in with your own email address

[Step 2] Use this created account to recharge (note: the minimum recharge amount is $3)

[Step 3] After the recharge is complete, select telegram and country, and then you can copy the number and go to telegram to register (you need to use the mobile terminal for the first registration)

[Step 4] After entering the phone number, wait for the verification code and enter it to be ok! Such a telegram can be used successfully!

password setting

In order to ensure the stability of this number, it is confirmed that it will not be top numbered. It is recommended that you can add a password in the settings


[2] Then find [Privacy and Security] in it

【3】Select 【Two-Step Verification】

Enter the password twice according to the steps inside, and then it will display a relevant prompt for you to enter the password (similar to a password)

Finally, it will let you enter your email address and send a verification code to your email address! Just fill it in!

Then your account will be very stable~


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