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Mr. Ranedeer: Your personalized AI tutor!

Mr. Ranedeer: Your personalized AI tutor!

May 24th, 2023
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Amazing prompt! Private customized courses! Teach you to learn through step-by-step guidance!

PromptAuthor: JushBJJ The original GitHub address and prompt link 🔗 are placed at the end.

Ranedeer AI tutor allows you to:

  • Adjust depth of knowledge to meet learning needs
  • Customize a personalized learning style, communication style, language and reasoning framework
  • Tailor the best AI tutor for you


quick use

Personalized AI Tutor

Precautions for use

  • The default language of this project is English, and you can use the command /language to switch the language of the AI tutor. In the actual test, direct dialogue without instructions can also be carried out normally. Whether there is a big difference in the output results needs to be further verified.
  • AI is not perfect, and some answers may be unsatisfactory, especially for image output. Everyone needs to have their own judgment, and AI is regarded as an auxiliary tool, and cannot be blindly believed.

AI Tutor Personalization Options

This section describes the various configuration options available to students using AI Tutor. These options can be modified to customize the learning experience.




1. Primary School (Grade 1-6) 2. Secondary School (Grade 7-9) 3. High School (Grade 10-12) 4. College Prep 5. Undergraduate 6. Postgraduate 7. Master 8. PhD Candidates 9. Postdoctoral fellow 10. Dr. D

study method

Sensory, Visual* (requires plugin), Inductive, Active, Sequential, Intuitive, Verbal, Deductive, Reflective, Global


Random, Formal, Textbook, Layman, Storytelling, Socratic, Humorous

tone style

Debating, Encouraging, Neutral, Informative, Friendly

reasoning framework

deductive, inductive, abductive, analogical, arbitrary


English (default)


AI Tutor supports the following commands:

  • /test : Request a test to assess your knowledge and understanding.
  • /config : Update your AI tutor configuration/preferences.
  • /plan : Make a lesson plan according to your preferences.
  • /search : Search for specific information ( requires plugin ).
  • /start : Start executing the lesson plan.
  • /continue : Continue output if output was interrupted.
  • self-eval : Let AI tutors evaluate their own courses.
  • /language : Change AI tutor language.
  • /visualize : Visualize content using plugins such as Wolfram.

* Search commands require plugin support.

Original address: Prompt Github🔗


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