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Midjourney plans to launch a Prompts analyzer to help users understand which words actually work

Midjourney plans to launch a Prompts analyzer to help users understand which words actually work

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Hayo News
June 1st, 2023
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On May 31, Midjourney held an "Office Hours" user exchange meeting on the official Discord channel, answered users' questions, and introduced their current situation.

In this exchange meeting, the Midjourney development team admitted that the development of v6 has encountered some problems and it will take some time , but we can still receive some new personalities and features before v6 , such as a tool that can analyze our Prompts , so that we You can know which prompts are effective and which words are not used in AI drawing.

We translated the meeting summary of @Alie Jules into Chinese, and shared with you Midjourney's current situation and their future plans:

web and mobile

  • Midjourney is developing standalone web and mobile apps
  • Will continue to support Discord
  • Mobile terminal is the focus of development

New Features and Tools

  • May release some new features before v6
  • Potentially release new tools, such as one that analyzes your prompts (so that it's clear which words have worked)

About the Alpha website

  • The new website will be different and is under full development

Inpainting (partial repainting) function

  • currently pending
  • Not compatible with current system

About review

  • Revise censorship rules based on web search results to make them more open
  • The drawing aspect will be more relaxed, but the content that can be searched in the gallery will be relatively less
  • Withdrawing some overly restrictive censorship rules

short term planning

  • May release new features like outpainting
  • There will be a better remix system and better variation effects
  • Before the release of v6, there will basically be some minor updates
  • turbo mode: 4 times the speed, 2 times the cost ($120)

Medium-term plan: v6 version

  • Expected to launch very late due to new issues they don't know about but they have to figure out how to fix it
  • The v6 version will have better image quality, better language understanding and better resolution

Future update: development with twists and turns

  • Too much to do and not enough people in Midjourney
  • They are thinking: should focus on v6 and want to try to release all features in one go (which will also take longer)

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