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Your next "Mr. Tony" must be a real person, HairstyleAI is online

Your next "Mr. Tony" must be a real person, HairstyleAI is online

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Hayo News
June 5th, 2023
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A few days ago, programmer fryingneurons launched a commercial website called HairstyleAI, which is similar to the principle of FaceApp. Users only need to upload their own photos, and they can change different hairstyles for their photos in the cloud .

▲ Picture source HairstyleAI official website

The platform is said to use Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth technology to train AI to create custom models for each user. "Dreambooth training ensures that the faces look as accurate and realistic as possible, the downside is that it takes hours to generate the faces".

The site claims to be able to " generate 40 popular release styles, 10 hair colors, and 160 photorealistic renderings ." The data page shows that the platform has been used by more than 80,000 people since its launch.

▲ Picture source HairstyleAI official website

We have noticed that according to the statement of the website, “photos uploaded by users are only used for hairstyle generation purposes”, so the website may also use users’ photos for model training .

In terms of price, the website needs to pay $14 (currently about 99 yuan) to generate three photos . The website also states that "regardless of the quality of the photo generation, no refunds will be provided" , so using this platform is still a matter of opinion. Interested friends can visit here to learn more .

Reference link:

HairstyleAI: https://www.hairstyleai.com/

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