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The development of Midjourney v6 is currently blocked, and the expected release time will be delayed

The development of Midjourney v6 is currently blocked, and the expected release time will be delayed

Hayo News
Hayo News
June 8th, 2023
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On June 7th, Midjourney held an "Office Hours" user exchange meeting on the official Discord channel, answered users' questions, and introduced their current situation.

In this exchange meeting, the Midjourney development team admitted that the current development of v6 has encountered some problems and needs to be "returned" , and the release date is expected to be delayed by another month than expected.

We translated the meeting summary of @Alie Jules into Chinese, and shared with you Midjourney's current situation and their future plans:

The team's current number one priority

Build Discord-independent websites and mobile pages

has an attractive interface

About the v6 version

Currently lagging behind expectations, it may be about a month later than the originally expected release time. They have to refactor the v6 version. Currently, the refactoring is going smoothly and a new round of training is required. This requires them to clean up the data and find more good data and organize it The v6 version has improvements in lore, language and higher resolution

About the v5.2 version

Estimates are coming, the magnitude of the update is similar to: from v5 to v5.1 This release will focus on controllability and workflow optimization The v5.2 version is actively testing the "outpainting" (extended repainting) function, the current test results are good, there may be aesthetic improvements

mini tool

Help users understand the part of Prompts actually used by the system to reduce a large number of invalid prompts

3D, animation, etc.

The team is working on it, but there is no timetable. Founder David is more confident in 3D and motion 3D will look good without quality loss Motion is more challenging

About the API

There is no specific API at present, more evaluation and review will be promoted before the development of API

change image (variation)

Researching to make the variation feature more powerful so far it doesn't do much

other aspects

Keep working on the review. A Super Pro subscription option will be available in the next few weeks. Working on improving Remix mode.

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