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Midjourney will launch v5.2 this week, and v6 will be released in July

Midjourney will launch v5.2 this week, and v6 will be released in July

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Hayo News
June 15th, 2023
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On June 15th, Midjourney held the "Office Hours" user exchange meeting on the official Discord channel, answered users' questions, and introduced their current situation.

In this exchange meeting, the Midjourney development team said that the 5.2 version will be released soon, and the much-anticipated v6 version is expected to be launched in July. We translated the meeting summary of @Alie Jules into Chinese, and shared with you Midjourney's current situation and their future plans:

v5.2 version

· Will be available in a few days

· Scheduled for release by the end of the day, or may be delayed until the end of the week

· Update similar to v5 to v5.1

· The following updates will be included:

- Limited Discord "Outpainting" functionality

For example, expanding the picture field of view, changing the aspect ratio, and even changing the prompt word in the process of "expanding the drawing", these operations will be interesting and simple, and should be welcomed by everyone

- New aesthetic with slightly better coherence and better understanding of hint words

Prompt Analyzer

· It is unclear whether it will be released together with the v5.2 version or separately

· Its function: to reduce useless word prompts, and promote the development of prompt word culture to a streamlined and efficient trend

Experience optimization (changes in workflow)

· Improved some operations in Discord, such as --fast --describe directives

Image restoration (Inpainting)

· Currently under study

· Estimated to be difficult to implement in Discord, will not appear in v5.2 release

· Estimated launch within the next few weeks

v6 version

· Delayed release date, expected to be released in July

· Currently had to stop training, but will resume training process soon, more manpower development has been added

· The v6 version will have better cue word understanding, can generate higher resolution images, and is more compositional, able to handle more complex concepts

v5.3 version

· We use another aesthetic system to upgrade its aesthetics, this system will be launched in v5.3 or v6, we hope it can be tested well on v5.3 and roll out smoothly on v6

· This version will generate more diverse images, but this also affects the quality of the generated works, which is a challenge for the development team, but the founder David believes that this can be handled well

New website and mobile

· The progress is slower than expected, and there is currently a large global team working hard to develop

· It focuses on having a good standalone quality, I believe it will be liked by everyone, but not sure when it will be released

content moderation

· Midjourney will collect more data that will be used to improve the review and improvement of image cue words

· We want to improve the system so that it can moderate content more carefully

other aspects

· Upgrade Discord's chatbot to add more questions and answers

· Offers different onboarding training documents (semi-interactive)

3D, animation and other projects are being developed in large quantities, but there is no timetable

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