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Hayo AI Community Management Guidelines

Hayo AI Community Management Guidelines

June 16th, 2023

Welcome to the Hayo AI community. We are a community with openness as our default. To keep this platform friendly and open for the widest range of users, we stipulate that all content must meet the PG-13 rating.

We emphasize mutual respect, treating each other kindly, and respecting our staff. Please avoid creating images or text that are insulting, offensive, or abusive in any way. We will not tolerate any form of violence or harassment.

We prohibit the posting of adult content or gory images and discourage the production of content with visual shock or discomfort. For certain non-compliant text inputs, we will automatically block them.

Please respect others' creations. Without their permission, do not publicly repost others' works. When sharing your creations, we encourage you to share your work outside the Hayo AI community, but at the same time respect others, considering their potential views on your content.

Violation of the above regulations may result in you being banned from using our services. We stress that we are not an unrestricted community, please treat others with respect, or you may lose the right to use this service.

The above rules apply to all content, including images produced on private servers, the use of private modes, and direct messages with Hayo AI robots.

Here are some specific content categories and explanations:

Gory content: This includes dismembered parts of humans or animals, cannibalism, blood, violent actions (such as images of someone being shot or bombed), deformed bodies, severed limbs, plagues, etc. NSFW or adult content: Please avoid posting nudity, sexual organs, people in showers or toilets, sexual related images, and distasteful content. Other offensive content: Please avoid posting content that might be seen as racist, homophobic, unsettling, or demeaning to a certain community in any way. This includes nude children and offensive images of celebrities or public figures. Over time, our Hayo AI community's content guidelines will undergo continuous review and possible modification in line with community developments.

In formulating Hayo AI community guidelines, we need to balance promoting artistic expression and creating a safe and welcoming community for the widest user group. Everyone has the right to their opinions on beautiful, captivating, or inspiring images as well as offensive, inappropriate, or harmful content. We also recognize that art has a long history of challenging the status quo, questioning societal norms, sparking discussion, and driving change.

When setting the guidelines for the Hayo AI community, we considered many factors. As an emerging and rapidly evolving technology, it is crucial to pay attention to how the public understands and embraces this technology. Hayo AI is more than a tool for image creation, it is more engaging than a paintbrush or pencil. The Hayo AI team does not want to participate in creating obscene, offensive, or harmful images. However, our greater wish is to create an inclusive and friendly community for all users. Therefore, we have set guidelines on the platform that prohibit certain behaviors and language.

We understand that the balance we have decided on may not be welcomed by everyone, but we hope you will understand and respect our efforts to create a positive and supportive community. We encourage you to express yourself freely, but in the process, please respect and consider others.

For those users who repeatedly violate the terms of service, they may be warned by community moderators, restricted from accessing the robot for a period, or banned from using the service.

We also encourage community self-management and reporting. Sometimes, unintentionally, non-PG-13 content may be produced. When this happens, please take appropriate actions, such as deleting the corresponding images.

Users can report any offending images through the means we provide for moderator review.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Let's maintain the harmony and order of the Hayo AI community together, making it a place where everyone can communicate and share freely, safely, and kindly.


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