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Hackers reveal that ChatGPT is about to usher in new features: personal profile, file upload and workspace switching

Hackers reveal that ChatGPT is about to usher in new features: personal profile, file upload and workspace switching

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Hayo News
June 25th, 2023
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According to the latest news, ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chat robot, is about to usher in a major update. A hacker discovered three new functions through deep digging of the source code of the ChatGPT client: personal profile, file upload and workspace switching.

The source code for these new features has been fully parsed, and someone has created a dedicated repository on GitHub to track code changes.

It has been observed that the code for these new features is being updated rapidly, suggesting that they may be officially released soon.

Personal profile: let AI remember you

One of the new features is "My Profile", where users can fill in their personal information for ChatGPT to remember. This means that when you talk to ChatGPT again, it will know who you are and what you like.

File Upload: Manage Your Files

Another new feature is My Files, a simple file upload and management system. Although it is unclear how ChatGPT will interact with these files, this new feature certainly opens up more possibilities for users.

Workspace switching: adjust the AI ​​interaction style according to the scene

The last new feature is "Workspaces". This feature allows users to switch between different workspaces, which means that in different scenarios such as work, study or entertainment, users can let AI interact with them using different styles.

Discovery of new features

These new features were discovered by a hacker named @kocham_psy. He wrote a browser user script that tricked the website into granting his account access to all functions.

He also discovered the "conversation sharing" feature a month earlier, which lends credence to his new discovery.

Users’ expectations and concerns about new features

Many users are looking forward to these new features. They believe that this is the right direction for AI development, rather than just pursuing model upgrades, such as GPT-5. However, some users have expressed concern about these new features, and they worry about whether their personal information and uploaded files are safe and whether they will be used for AI training.

OpenAI CEO's view

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman also talked about the importance of user experience in a recent interview. User experience, he says, includes not only the user interface, but also the way a model can be adjusted to fit a particular style of conversation. He also revealed that the future interaction method of ChatGPT will realize two-way voice interaction, and it will be real-time, just like two people talking.

Similar capabilities for other AI platforms

It is worth mentioning that letting AI remember user information and preferences is not the first initiative of ChatGPT. AI conversational search engine Perplexity AI has rolled out a similar feature.

On Perplexity AI, users can fill in their self-introduction, location, and the language they want AI to use, and the AI ​​will ask more questions to learn about the user's hobbies, professional background, and goals. After filling in the information, users can ask the AI ​​to write a story about themselves, or recommend recipes or movies according to their preferences.

Observations on ChatGPT source code

For users who are interested in these new features, they can visit the ChatGPT source observation repository on GitHub, or visit the PerplexityAI website to experience these new features.