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Mastering Your Podcast in One Minute

Mastering Your Podcast in One Minute

Hayo News
Hayo News
June 27th, 2023

The current tools for generating video summaries are all based on subtitles, so what about podcasts without subtitles?

Here comes the solution↓

First use Modal Podcast Transcriber to extract podcast subtitles, and then use Hayo AI to generate a summary with one click. You can understand the whole picture in 1 minute, and the efficiency is x100!

The following is the detailed usage

1⃣️ Use Modal Podcast Transcriber to generate subtitles for Podcast with Whisper

The Whisper speech recognition model released by OpenAI at the end of September 2022 is another milestone in the field of deep learning. Modal Labs has packaged it into a subtitle converter. You can directly search for the name or topic of the podcast to find the corresponding podcast. Here I found it The podcast show is called Podcast Beyond

Link: https://modal-labs--whisper-pod-transcriber-fastapi-app.modal.run/

2⃣️ After finding the corresponding program in the podcast, click "Transcribe Now", a 1-hour program, about 1 minute, can generate all subtitles

Modal Labs has done parallel optimization here, you can click the link below to learn more, including the GitHub source code:


3⃣️ Use Hayo AI to turn subtitles into summaries

With subtitles, there are many ways to generate summaries. Here we use one of Hayo’s dialogue models, Claude-Instant. This model supports super-long input, even a 1-hour podcast text is no problem.

Copy all the podcast text, paste it into the AI ​​chatbot dialog box, and add prompt at the end: Read the whole content and summarize them in 10 bullet points

Here is the text output by the model:

“Here are 10 bullet points summarizing the main points from the podcast:

•Sony's Summer of Announcements was lackluster compared to other companies, with not many first party showings and Project Q hardware reveal that seems unnecessary.

•However, PlayStation 5 sales are strong and many big third party games are coming, so Sony is still doing well overall.

•Mortal Kombat 1 reboot looks intriguing with its refreshed visuals and new cameo assist system that could change combos and strategies.

•Diablo 4 is off to a smoother launch than Diablo 3 and is quickly becoming one of the biggest games of the summer. Players are enjoying building characters and exploring the darker RPG world.

•Armored Core 6 will bring back the franchise's focus on robot customization and multiplayer, though it remains to be seen how the PvP will work in the modern era.

•The reveal trailer for Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Infinite Wealth starting with a naked man on a beach shows the series' confidence and willingness to be weird and incoherent.

•PlayStation fans have lots of great current games to play like Diablo 4, Final Fantasy 16 and Street Fighter 6.

•PSVR 2 still lacks major first party reveals to get players excited for the new VR hardware.

•Sony still needs to clarify the future of its platform and what PlayStation Plus will bring to make the ecosystem more compelling.

• Better communication would help Sony showcase its hardware and software to explain what makes PlayStation special.”


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