🎋 Oriental charm: Stable Diffusion extreme Chinese style LoRA model recommended

🎋 Oriental charm: Stable Diffusion extreme Chinese style LoRA model recommended

June 29th, 2023
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The theme of the fourth issue of Stable Diffusion is a bit different from the previous ones. This issue is mainly to share LoRA models. I chose some Chinese style LoRAs. They are like a deep breeze, low-key and luxurious, niche but not paranoid. , for those of you who pursue unique style and practicality, these LoRA models are undoubtedly worth a try.

Dun Huang

Model Features: China Dunhuang Flying Fairy

Prompts : 8K raw photo, Best quality, masterpiece, ultra high res, (zentangle, mandala, tangle, entangle), colorful, (photorealistic:1.4), raw photo, 1girl, offshoulder, outdoors, tall female, skinny, slim_legs, solo ,(perfect body shape),holy light,gold foil,gold leaf art,glitter drawing,fly high in the sky ,(full body),long hair, (see-through:1.3), ((revealing clothes)), ( (barefoot)), medium breasts, earrings, ((dress)), no bra, ((bare shoulders)), very long hair, no panties, black hair, ((detached sleeves)), ((side slit)), bare,dunhuang_cloths,dunhuang_dress,traditional chinese hair style,Traditional Chinese hair ornament,cinema,Fei Tian Ji ,Propitious Clouds,chang'e, paradox,pure,soft smile,illustration,barefoot,(pelvic curtain),playful patterns, lively texture Checkpoint : darkSushiMixMix_brighterPruned

Prompts : (masterpiece, top quality, best quality, official art, beautiful and aesthetic:1.2), (1girl:1.3), (fractal art:1.3), extreme detailed, colorful,highest detailed,illustrations, artistic fusion,fantastical scenes, striking visuals, dunhuang_style, dunhuang_cloths, dancing, desert, long floating hair, jewelry, floating ribbon, wind, sunset Checkpoint : ghostmix_v20Bakedvae

Prompts: (RAW photo, best quality),(realistic, photo-realistic:1.3),best quality,highly detailed,masterpiece,ultra-detailed,illustration,1girl,upper_body,dynamic angle,world masterpiece theater,messy_long_hair,best quality, extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper,ink,Amazing,cinematic lighting,lens_flare,,dunhuang_style Checkpoint: darkSushiMixMix_brighterPruned

Model introduction:

The author currently trains two versions, 1.0 and 2.0. The 2.0 training level is changed to 512x768, which is more suitable for vertical pictures; the training method is changed to locon 128dim, and more clothing colors are added. The current problem is that the hand is still unstable. It is recommended to try controlnet or add embedding to repair the hand.

Model description:

  • Trigger Words:






  • Checkpoint: All anime and live-action models are fine, and the compatibility of portrait models is quite strong.


Model features: ink painting, freehand brushwork, fine brushwork

Prompts : shukezouma, negative space, , shuimobysim ,, portrait of a woman standing , willow branches, (masterpiece, best quality:1.2), traditional chinese ink painting,, modelshoot style, peaceful, (smile), looking at viewer , wearing long hanfu, hanfu, song, willow tree in background, wuchangshuo

Checkpoint : chilloutmix_NiPrunedFp32Fix

Prompts : shukezouma, negative space, , shuimobysim ,,a branch of flower, traditional chinese ink painting Checkpoint : chilloutmix_NiPrunedFp32Fix

Prompts : masterpiece, best quality, 1girl,black hair,red eyes, hanfu,scabbard,wuxia,sword, blood, bamboo forest,enemy Checkpoint : ghostmix_v12

Prompts : Black Hair, Red Eyes, Hanfu, Scabbard, Wuxia, Sword, Bamboo Forest, ENEMY, Negative Space, Shuimobysim, Portrait of a Woman Standing, (MasterPiece, B. EST Quality: 1.2), TraDitational Chinese Ink Painting, Peaceful, Looking AT viewer, wearing long hanfu, hanfu Checkpoint: OM3A1B_orangemixs

Model introduction:

There are three versions of the entire series of Moxin models, namely Shuke Zouma 1.0, Shuke Zouma 1.1 and Moxin 1.0. The author introduced Moxin 1.0 mainly by Anji Wu Cangshi, Mr. Xinghua Banqiao, Bada Shanren, Shanyin Bonian, etc. The works of masters are supplemented by the training of modern characters; Shu Ke Zou Ma is a composition LoRA used in conjunction with Mo Xin. Once it is used and the prompt is placed at the front, it will adopt a composition style with a large area of ​​blank space.

Model description:

The author recommends using parameters

  • CFG 1~3 : Small and freehand
  • CFG 3~7 : Gradually fine brushwork
  • Moxin LoRA Weight: <0.85
  • LoRA Weight: 0.7~1
  • Checkpoint recommends: ChilloutMix, Guofeng3.2, etc.


Model features: Chinese comic book style, heavy lines, freehand scenery, colorful characters

Prompts :(illustration:1.1),(best quality),(masterpiece:1.1),1gilr,standing,flowers,bush,outdoors,looking at viewer

Prompts :(upper body: 1.5),(white background:1.4), ((tachi-e)), original,(illustration:1.1),(best quality),(masterpiece:1.1),(extremely detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper :1.1), (colorful:0.9),(panorama shot:1.4),(full body:1.05),(solo:1.2), (ink splashing),(color splashing),((watercolor)), clear sharp focus, { 1girl standing },((chinese style )),(flowers,woods),outdoors,rocks, looking at viewer, make happy expressions,soft smile,pure,beautyfull detailed face and eyes,beautyfull intricacy clothing decorative pattern details,black hair , black eyes, color water

Prompts: ((best quality)), ((masterpiece)), (detailed), realistic, multiple boys,(riding motorcycle),mustache,chinese clothes,armour,chinese general,looking at viewer, full body,night,moon in the night sky, outdoors, motorcycle

Prompts : (illustration:1.1),(best quality),(masterpiece:1.1), shz,1man,Wu_Song,headband,(ridding on a solo tiger+punching the head),solo,forest,full moon, detailed face

Model introduction:

The LoRA style is just like his name: comic strips, the author introduced that this is based on the comic strips, a popular picture book that was formed in Shanghai in the early 20th century and began to be widely circulated. In sallow tones. The LoRA is very recognizable. In addition to some classical elements that can be recognized by the prompt, the recognition of modern elements such as motorcycles and Spiderman is also very accurate.

Model description:

- v2.0 version: same as 1.5 version

  • v1.5 version: CFG<8, weight<=0.9
  • v1.0 version: CFG=3, weight=0.9; some two-dimensional models will get a wonderful color drawing effect after using high CFG

The Three Kingdoms

Model features: The character image of the glorious game "Three Kingdoms"

Prompts: (4k, best quality, highres:1.1), (masterpiece:1.1), man, (Chinese male:1.2), middle-aged, warrior, detailed eyes, facial hair, muscular, strong, brave, courageous, powerful, honorable, disciplined, confident, looking at viewer, face, bracer, helmet, armor, holding weapon, riding, horse, black, red Checkpoint: CounterfeitV25_25

Prompts : (4k, best quality, highres:1.1), (masterpiece:1.1), man, Chinese male, detailed eyes, looking at viewer, (Collin Chou:1.5), male_focus, , 1boy, facial_hair, brown_eyes, katana, chinese_clothes , crew cut, muscular, wide shoulder, topknot, confident Checkpoint: CounterfeitV25_25

Prompts: (4k, best quality, highres:1.1), (masterpiece:1.1), man, Chinese male, detailed eyes, looking at viewer, (Chen Daoming:1.6), facial_hair, hanfu, 1boy, beard, male_focus, mustache, chinese_clothes, old, solo, old_man, wide_sleeves, own_hands_together, long_sleeves, topknot, robe, looking_at_viewer, wrinkled_skin Checkpoint: CounterfeitV25_25

Model introduction:

As the title, it is about the vertical drawing of the characters in the game "Three Kingdoms", "The great river goes to the east to find all the waves, and the romantic characters through the ages". The author has updated four versions so far, and the following is an update introduction of some versions.

Version1.1 update:

  • Partially solve the problem of feminization of civil servants, still need to add negative
  • tag: earrings, hair flower, female clothes, female ornament, female

A simple method of facial makeup: directly add the person's name to the prompt, see the sample.

Version 1.0 update:

  • Newly added generals in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy version
  • Use the new base model: CounterfeitV25_25.safetensors Note that click V2.5, the author has now updated to 3.0
  • Due to the different mechanism of the new bottom mold, do not add prompts like realistic, photo-realistic
  • Material resolution increased to a maximum of 768x1024
  • Deleted sinister faces (such as Li Ru) and foreign nationalities, and newly deleted the Yellow Turban Thieves
  • The sample uses Eular a + Latent(Nearest-exact), Denoising Strength=0.5
  • The kanban girl used other Lora and Controlnet to adjust her face as usual, and in theory, male generals can also do this
  • Known issue: Due to the surge in the number of female characters, male civil servants may appear feminized, temporarily add negative prompts to workaround: earrings, hair flower, female clothes, female ornament

Version0.999 update:

  • Nearly 200 generals have been added
  • Removed sinister faces (such as Li Ru) and foreign national costumes
  • Denoising Strength=0.5

Model description:

  • Checkpoint: Ver.0.999 recommends guofeng3_v32 or its Light version; Ver.1 recommends CounterfeitV25
  • Size: Ver.0.999 recommends 512 x 768; Ver.1 recommends 768x1024
  • Weight: 1
  • Sampler: Eular a
  • Prompts: add chinese male, chinese female, chinese

Chinese Traditional Clothing

Features: Collection of traditional Chinese costumes

Prompts: (long skirt:1.2),(blue flowers print:1.2),(yellow flowers print:1.2),(red flowers print:1.3),(birds print:1.2),(leaf print:1.2),1 girl, full body, (short hair:1.1), (realistic:1.7),((best quality)),absurdres,(ultra high res),(photorealistic:1.6),photorealistic,octane render,(hyperrealistic:1.2), (photorealistic face:1.2), (8k), (4k), (Masterpiece),(realistic skin texture), (illustration, cinematic lighting,wallpaper),( beautiful eyes:1.2),((((perfect face)))), (cute),(standing),(black hair),(short hair),black eyes,red lips,(outdoors) Checkpoint : majicmixRealistic_v4

Prompts: (blue/red/green/white/yellow/purple printed chinese upshirt),(long skirt),1 girl,upper body, high heels,(short hair:1.1), (realistic:1.7),((best quality )),absurdres,(ultra high res),(photorealistic:1.6),photorealistic,octane render,(hyperrealistic:1.2), (photorealistic face:1.2), (8k), (4k), (Masterpiece),(realistic skin texture), (illustration, cinematic lighting,wallpaper),( beautiful eyes:1.2),((((perfect face)))),(cute),(standing),(black hair),(short hair),black eyes , red lips, (outdoors) Checkpoint: majicmixRealistic_v4

Prompts: (pink/yellow/green/blue/red/white chinese clothes),(floral print), (pink/yellow/green/blue/red/white/black long skirt),(long sleeves),1 girl,full body,(short hair:1.1), (realistic:1.7),((best quality)),absurdres,(ultra high res),(photorealistic:1.6),photorealistic,octane render,(hyperrealistic:1.2), (photorealistic face :1.2), (8k), (4k), (Masterpiece),(realistic skin texture), (illustration, cinematic lighting,wallpaper),( beautiful eyes:1.2),((((perfect face)))),( cute),(standing),(black hair),black eyes,red lips, indoors, chinese ornaments, wooden chinese table, window, flowers Checkpoint: majicmixRealistic_v4

Prompts: (hanfu),(floral print:1.3),(pink see-through shirt),(green see-through print long skirt),(long sleeves),1 girl,full body,(long hair:1.1),( realistic:1.7),((best quality)),absurdres,(ultra high res),(photorealistic:1.6),photorealistic,octane render,(hyperrealistic:1.2), (photorealistic face:1.2), (8k), (4k ), (Masterpiece),(realistic skin texture), (illustration, cinematic lighting,wallpaper),( beautiful eyes:1.2),((((perfect face)))),(cute),(standing),(black hair ), black eyes, red lips, outdoors, (chinese style buildings) Checkpoint: majicmixRealistic_v4

Prompts: (hanfu),(chinese clothes),((floral print)),((yellow magnificent print long sleeves)),((green print see-through dress)),1 girl,full body,(short hair), (realistic:1.7),((best quality)),absurdres,(ultra high res),(photorealistic:1.6),photorealistic,octane render,(hyperrealistic:1.2), (photorealistic face:1.2), (8k), ( 4k), (Masterpiece),(realistic skin texture), (illustration, cinematic lighting,wallpaper),( beautiful eyes:1.2),((((perfect face)))),(cute),(standing),(black hair), black eyes, red lips, outdoors, (chinese style countryyard), (pond) Checkpoint: majicmixRealistic_v4

Prompts: (hanfu),(chinese clothes),((floral print)),((pink/yellow/blue/white/red/black print chinese shirt)),((pink/yellow/blue/white/red/black print long skirt)),1 girl,full body,(short hair),(realistic:1.7),((best quality)),absurdres,(ultra high res),(photorealistic:1.6),photorealistic,octane render,( hyperrealistic:1.2), (photorealistic face:1.2), (8k), (4k), (Masterpiece),(realistic skin texture), (illustration, cinematic lighting,wallpaper),( beautiful eyes:1.2),(((( perfect face)))),(cute),(standing),(black hair),black eyes,red lips, outdoors,(chinese style countryard) Checkpoint: majicmixRealistic_v4

Prompts: 1girl, floral print, (yellow print chinese shirt), (green print long skirt), full body, short hair, outdoors, park, lawn, flowers, trees, sunshine, lake Checkpoint: majicmixRealistic_v4

Model introduction:

This is a LoRA collection of traditional Chinese clothing. It is characterized by a collection of traditional clothing from different periods: horse-faced skirts, cheongsams, and Wei, Jin, Tang, and Song clothing. On this basis, some deletions and innovations have been made. These LoRA works better with real-life models, such as majicmixrealistic, and anime watercolors sometimes have unexpected effects.

Model description:

Checkpoint recommends: majicmixRealistic_v4

Trigger words:

Horse-Face skirt : light green/red/blue/yellow/purple long skirt,birds/flowers/leaf print

CheongsamStyle1 : china dress, dress, green printed china dress, purple plaid china dress and blue printed plaid china dress

CheongsamStyle2 :blue/yellow/red/green/white chinese upshirt, floral/birds printed chinese upshirt, blue/yellow/green/white long skirt

QingNvZhuangV1.0 :pink/yellow/green/blue/red/white chinese clothes,pink/yellow/green/blue/red/white/black long skirt, floral print, long sleeves

Hanfu_Song :hanfu, floral print, long shirt, long skirt, long sleeves, long green shirt, long white skirt

Hanfu_Tang:(hanfu),(chinese clothes),((floral print)),((green/blue/yellow/pink/white/blackmagnificent print long sleeves)),((pink/white/black/green/blue/yellow print see-through dress))

Hanfu_Wei Dynasty : (hanfu),(chinese clothes),((floral print)),((pink/yellow/blue/white/red/black print chinese shirt)),((pink/yellow/blue/white/red/ black print long skirt))

The new version of Hanfu_weijin :1girl,floral print, (blue/white/red/black/yellow/pink print chinese shirt),(pink/yellow/blue/white/red/black print long skirt)

Weight: Recommended 0.6~0.7

The above is the Chinese style LoRA model recommended in this issue. Compared with a large model with several Gs, LoRA training is relatively easy. Superimposing different Checkpoint draw cards can get more surprising effects. If you want to see Stable Diffusion recommendations with different themes, please leave a message :)


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