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AI points of the week: Microsoft fully deploys AI applications, stocks and shopping are not lost

AI points of the week: Microsoft fully deploys AI applications, stocks and shopping are not lost

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Hayo News
June 30th, 2023
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In the past week, Microsoft has made frequent moves in the field of AI, starting classes for a while, and testing the waters of AI stock trading and AI shopping for a while, becoming the well-deserved AI MVP of this week.

DragGAN is officially open source

Easily drag and drop, you can turn the elephant P around

DragGAN, which stirred up waves in the AI ​​field when it was announced last month, was officially open sourced this week. The author not only uploaded the open source code, but also gave specific installation steps for ordinary users to try.

Due to the built-in web UI, we can easily set the operation point (red point), the target position point (blue point) and the area that will move (mask bright area) to be processed with the mouse. Next, It can be handed over to DragGAN to calculate and generate it by itself.

With DragGAN, we can not only make the elephant in the picture "turn around" and the lion "shut up", but also change the size of the character's clothes, which is amazing.

Some netizens have measured that it takes about 6G of video memory to run DragGAN locally. The images generated by non-GAN need to be converted through PTI in advance. Interested friends can try the fun of AI P images.

Microsoft's comprehensive layout of AI applications

Several AI projects made moves this week

Microsoft has made frequent moves in the field of AI applications this week. It not only offers free "classes" to teach generative AI knowledge, but also begins to enter consumer-level fields such as AI stock trading and AI shopping, which deserves everyone's attention.

Microsoft launches free training on generative AI

On June 29th, Microsoft's "Providing Skills for Jobs" program announced the launch of a new AI training project, which will launch a series of online free courses on LinkedIn, covering AI introductory knowledge and other content, and will pass the courses. Learners Awarded a certificate, the first professional certificate in generative AI in the online learning market.

Currently, the course is available in English, and a Simplified Chinese version will be available in the next few months. You can look forward to it.

Bing chat will unlock AI stocks

On June 28, Microsoft executive Mikhail Parakhin said on Twitter that they will invite Bing chat users to participate in functional testing of AI stock market predictions in the next few months.

It is understood that Bing Chat will mainly use Option Pricing to create models and predict trends based on factors such as current stock price, strike price, expiration date, and stock volatility. Investors can then use AI tools to predict the probability that a certain stock's stock price will be higher/lower than a given amount at a certain point in time, so that they can make more informed investment decisions.

Microsoft launches AI online shopping assistant

On June 29, Microsoft updated its official blog, announcing that it will integrate Microsoft Shopping shopping functions in Bing Search, Bing Chat, and Edge browser, and use AI technology to improve users' online shopping experience.

With the help of AI, the online shopping assistant can make shopping lists for users, compare prices to find discounts, and give personalized shopping suggestions according to the specific needs of users to improve the shopping experience of users.

Windows 11 preview version with built-in AI Copilot is online

Microsoft recently launched the Windows 11 Dev preview Build 23493 test version, which includes new features such as the early preview version of the AI ​​​​assistant Windows Copilot.

In the current version, Windows Copilot can run independently next to open application windows as a sidebar, which is convenient for users to evoke at any time.

After testing, users can currently ask Windows Copilot a series of questions, or let it perform tasks such as switching dark mode, taking screenshots, summarizing the content of pages opened by the browser, and some basic conversations in Bing Chat.

It should be reminded that Windows Copilot is currently only available for grayscale testing for some preview users. Even if you upgrade to the latest version of Windows Preview, you may not be able to experience Copilot temporarily.

"AI singer" encounters "copyright gun" in the United States

Discord Community Subpoenaed

Discord recently received an infringement warning letter from the RIAA (Recording Association of America), asking them to shut down the server of AI Hub, a well-known AI sound model resource community, and hand over the personal information of some infringing users in accordance with the requirements of the DMCA leaflet.

According to foreign media speculation, the RIAA’s rights protection action may be that the user shared the original audio material with copyright when the AI ​​Hub released the So-Vits-SVC/RVC sound model, and this part of the audio material is protected by copyright. of.

On June 24, the AI ​​Hub administrator issued an announcement, clearly informing users that sharing the voice model of the "AI singer" is not an infringement, but sharing the original audio material is an infringement, and requires users to upload the trained voice model to the HuggingFace platform to ensure These sound models that only contain codes and voice pattern data will not be mistakenly removed from the shelves due to "copyright guns".


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