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[New function] Hayo AI launched ChatDoc, a document assistant, making AI more practical

[New function] Hayo AI launched ChatDoc, a document assistant, making AI more practical

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Hayo News
July 3rd, 2023
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July Yang Yan, Hayo AI evolution does not stop. After launching the function of "Generating Images from Images", we accelerated the implementation of the document assistant ChatDoc .

We are always listening to your needs!

ChatDoc | The original intention of development

Regarding ChatDoc, it started as a small expansion of our AI capabilities, but we expect it to improve the user experience. Although AI is already quite intelligent, if it cannot effectively respond to user questions, its practicality is relatively limited. ChatDoc was born to solve this problem.

You can directly upload PDF and TXT documents, and AI will understand and master the content of the documents.

After that, as long as you have any questions about the file content, AI can provide direct answers, which will improve your chat experience and broaden the usage scenarios of AI.

Whether you're looking for specific information in a file, looking for research on a topic, or need a quick overview of what's in a file, just upload a file and AI will help. For you who often need to refer to manuals or guides, this function will bring a lot of convenience.

ChatDoc is like a small and exclusive knowledge model, which can accurately answer the relevant knowledge in the document. The application scenarios of this function are very wide:

Enterprises can upload their own product manuals and create a product knowledge assistant , which can help customers answer various questions about products;

Teachers can upload teaching materials and create a teaching assistant who can help students answer various questions about the course;

Researchers can upload references to create a reference library that helps them quickly organize the knowledge points in the references…

There are many similar application scenarios, and we hope that ChatDoc will become a document tool for your office, study and scientific research.

ChatDoc | Demo

The way to use ChatDoc is very simple, you can upload files in just a few easy steps, and we will leave the "reading" to AI.

Next, let's use a few examples to "early adopt" how amazing ChatDoc is:

Take a closer look at the financial report, AI answers every question

In terms of business, we take "Summary of Annual Report of HKUST Xunfei Co., Ltd. 2022" as an example. This 14-page summary of the financial report introduces the development and financial data of HKUST Xunfei in the past year. Financial statement documents.

Among them, the original text used 10 pages to elaborate on their achievements in education, medical care, politics and law, and consumer business, which can be seen in detail. We choose one of the areas of interest, such as consumer business, please ChatDoc to communicate with us after reading the article :

Speed ​​reading literature, outline list to clarify the context

Many students and friends engaged in scientific research will be confused by cumbersome and complicated papers. Is there any way to make these articles more understandable? Let's take this science and technology literature "Key Technologies of 6G Mobile Network" from Beijing University of Science and Technology as an example:

This document is bilingual in Chinese and English, with a total of 14 pages. If we read it page by page, it actually takes some effort. Once there are many similar documents, the time and energy required will not be small. It might be a good idea to utilize ChatDoc at this time. After uploading the article to ChatDoc, you can let it organize the author's article into an outline list, and let it mark the key page numbers , so that you can understand the content according to the author's thinking.

Doing scientific research is a rigorous thing. It is a good way to learn to keep your mind clear and rigorous through ChatDoc.

Optimize the teaching plan, the table is clearly presented

Finally, let's change to a use case that is close to everyday. "Windows Computer Shortcut Keys Encyclopedia" is the material that many computer beginners will encounter when they first come into contact with computers, and it is also a topic that computer teachers will encounter when preparing for lessons in lower grades.

The "Windows Computer Shortcut Keys Encyclopedia" we have at hand is a transcription of a common web page version. Although the content is useful, the reading experience is not good. We uploaded it to ChatDoc, and asked it to display the commonly used shortcut keys in a table , and see how it does:

ChatDoc will make you feel the convenience of a "personal document assistant", and we expect it to better meet your needs. If you think this new feature can bring you some help, welcome to try it yourself!