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The AI ​​NPC conceived by NVIDIA was first made in "Old Gun 5"

The AI ​​NPC conceived by NVIDIA was first made in "Old Gun 5"

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July 6th, 2023
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At the NVIDIA COMPUTEX keynote speech some time ago, an AI-driven "bartender" who can communicate in real time became the focus of media reports at home and abroad.

He has realized all kinds of fantasies of game developers and players for AI NPC: only need to input the basic settings, and the rest of thinking, response, voice, and interaction are all handed over to AI to complete instantly, creating "Thousands of NPCs" at a more cost-effective cost. People with thousands of faces" NPC.

However, we don't have to wait for developers to use the new technology. MOD makers have already created similar AI NPCs in "The Elder Scrolls 5", and the release time was a few days earlier than the Computex keynote speech at that time.

Yes, in "Old Roll 5", anything is possible.

"Hi, my name is Herika"

This AI NPC is Herika, a female follower near the blacksmith shop of the "War Maiden" in Whiterun. With the support of AI, we can customize her personality and life, so that her answers also have different personal characteristics. For example, when she becomes a Breton woman who speaks in rhyme, we will find that the little girl can really speak in single rhyme, very skr!

In addition to the traditional typing communication, you can use the microphone to talk to her and "connect the microphone" to have a voice conversation across the screen.

She can also sense where you have been, and sometimes she will take the initiative to have fun talking to you according to the location. On the continent of Tamriel, battles are inevitable. Herika will also give some comments on the battle situation while fighting with you. Who doesn’t want to be praised after the battle? Of course, if you play badly, you may be ruthlessly ridiculed by her...

In addition, Herika is also an "old rolling encyclopedia". She can know a little about where you are, the NPCs near you, and the books you get. It seems interesting to roam the "skyline" with her company. Quite a lot.

The AI ​​behind Herika

The "brain" that drives Herika to "live" is the OpenAI API based on ChatGPT, which is the core that drives her thinking.

But with only the "brain", Herika obviously cannot "read, hear, and see" the world. MOD producer tylermaister made a game plug-in and a local gateway server for this purpose. The SKSE plug-in is Herika's "sense" and is responsible for collecting dialogues, events and other activities from the game. At this time, the gateway server acts as a "nerve". Elements, store and send these data to the "brain" ChatGPT.

Herika's "nerve" is bidirectional, and it will also transmit the feedback from the "brain" ChatGPT to the game plug-in, and then drive Herika's mouth and limbs to respond through the plug-in.

It sounds quite simple, but there are a lot of ingenuity of MOD creators buried in it. For example, Herika is actually thinking all the time, and the "nerve" will tell the "brain" ChatGPT in advance to make a predictive response. When we ask "What do you think? Where should we go now? Do you know this place?" How much?” When these common questions are asked, the “nerve” will immediately release the prepared feedback from the “brain”, and Herika will be able to respond in a timely manner.

In terms of the use of the "brain", the "nerve" does not just send the player's questions to ChatGPT. Just as we enter the Prompt command for AI such as Haoshuo AI and ChatGPT, the "nerve" also sends the last conversation between Herika and the player. , location, game events and other information are given to ChatGPT for AI to respond.

how to invite her to my game


First of all, we need to own the game "The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Remake" and install the MOD Manager for it, open the "https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/89931 " page:

Download and install the mods mentioned in "Requirements" via the mod manager:

Next, we need to prepare a smart "brain" for Herika. This step is the clichéd process of applying for the OpenAI API. We will not introduce it here. You can find the specific application process in the Hayo AI community.

If we want Herika to "speak", we also need to use the API of the TTS (text-to-speech) service. Here we take the Azure TTS service as an example. After completing the registration on the official website, enter the management panel, create the Speech Service service and fill in the following information:

After creating the service, you can copy it to your API Key in the Key and Endpoint panel:

Deploy the "neural" gateway server

Next, open the MOD download page of Herika - The ChatGPT Companion, select "Slow Download" to download the compressed package.

Unzip the compressed package and open the UwAmp.exe file, if a firewall warning pops up, please click "Allow",

Open the UwAmp program from the system tray in the lower right corner, click the "Folder www" button, we can find the conf.sample.php file in the "www→saig-gwserver" directory under the UwAmp folder just unzipped, copy this file, And rename the copied copy to "conf.php".

Open the URL "localhost:8080/sag-gwserver" in the browser, click the Update→Proceed button and confirm, and then click the "Refresh" button to complete the operation. Open the previous URL again, click the "Reinstall" button to reinstall the server, and then click the "Config" button to fill in the OpenAI API Key, Azure API Key, and setting information and save it. In the "Player_Name" and "HERIKA_PERS" below, you can enter Herika's name for you and her settings.

After ensuring that the UwAmp gateway server is turned on, run SKSE through the MOD Manager to enter the game, open the main menu of the game, select the "MOD Configuration" panel, select the "SPG" MOD, set the chat hotkey and open the voice chat function.

We'll be able to find Herika near the "War Maiden" smithy in Whiterun.

She deserves further education

Although Herika seems to be very smart, but based on ChatGPT, she will inevitably be confused sometimes under the technical limitations. For example, sometimes when she is asked about the strategy of a specific level, she may give an incorrect strategy response.

The bigger flaw is that she is currently "too submissive". When you tell her "This level should actually be passed like this, and this NPC is actually like this", Herika will accept your proposal to refresh her cognition without hesitation. Although this is very good from the perspective of convenience, this kind of The behavior of taking everything as ordered is not in line with what an independent NPC should do, and it will make your game experience drop to a new level in an instant.

However, with the rapid development of AI, we can believe that these shortcomings will be overcome one by one. For example, for the strategy problem mentioned above, MOD developers have started to use a higher priority strategy database to prioritize indexing and ensure accuracy, and other problems will be alleviated in the future.

Whether it's the "bartender" created by NVIDIA with technology, or the "MOD follower" made by "Old Gun" players with Aidan, we can't help thinking that a new game experience created by AI may be in the near future. In the future, maybe we can see it before the release of "The Elder Scrolls 6".


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