Have you installed the ChatGPT plugin yet?

Have you installed the ChatGPT plugin yet?

Hayo News
Hayo News
July 18th, 2023

In the tide of the information age, AI technology is dramatically reshaping our way of life at an astonishing pace. Among these AI technologies, ChatGPT undoubtedly shines as a brilliant star. Have you ever wondered how to unleash the full potential of this AI star, creating mind-boggling AI applications without the hassle of programming or coding? Today, I will share with you an exciting discovery - making AI apps with ChatGPT is just a moment away! Let's explore this magical world together and unlock the gateway to boundless creativity!

Install The Chatgpt Plugin

The official Calculator Tools ChatGPT Plugin is live in the OpenAI ChatGPT Plugin Store!

Who Can Use It?

Anyone who has ChatGPT Plugin access can search the Plugin Store for "Calculator Tools" and add it to their ChatGPT Plugins.

How Do I Use It?

→Install the Calculator Tools plugin.

→Approve OpenAI ChatGPT to access your Calculator Tools account.

→This saves any apps you make to your account.

→You can login later to the Calculator Tools website to view them.

→Start a new conversation with ChatGPT about any app idea you have.

→Once you have the app idea, tell ChatGPT "make me the app"

→The ChatGPT AI will use the Calculator Tools ChatGPT Plugin to instantly create, code, and

→upload your very own app with you needing to do any coding!

→Once the app is uploaded and live for you to use the Calculator Tools ChatGPT plugin will send the link back to ChatGPT so you can click and instantly see your app. Once your app is live you can share it with anyone! Use AI to make any app instantly without even leaving the ChatGPT interface!

What Can I Make?

You can make any app you want! The Calculator Tools ChatGPT Plugin will create the app for you and send you the link to the app.


→Example: "make me a creative and colorful app that says hello world"

This will make a simple app.

→Tell the AI "do not show me any code, just make the app."

→ChatGPT will not output any code to you and will only contact the plugin to create the app!

→No coding necessary!

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