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OpenAI partners with US News Project to support local news

OpenAI partners with US News Project to support local news

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July 19th, 2023
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A new $5 million partnership program explores how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) can support a thriving, innovative local news field and ensure local news organizations can shape the future of this emerging technology.

The American Journalism Project (AJP), the leading venture capital organization for rebuilding local news, today announced a new partnership with OpenAI, the AI ​​research and deployment company responsible for the technology behind ChatGPT, as they explore artificial intelligence How (AI) developments can support a thriving, innovative local news field.

OpenAI will commit $5 million to the American Journalism Project to support AJP’s work outreach and provide up to $5 million in OpenAI API credits to help recipient organizations evaluate and deploy emerging AI technologies. The collaboration aims to establish a channel of dialogue between the local news industry and OpenAI, and develop tools that may help local news organizations.

“To ensure that local journalism remains an essential pillar of our democracy, we need to be judicious about the potential benefits and pitfalls of new technologies,” said Sarabeth Berman, CEO of the U.S. News Project. "In the early stages of generative AI, we have an opportunity to ensure that local news organizations and their communities are involved in shaping its impact. Through this collaboration, we aim to promote the ways in which AI can enhance journalism, rather than threaten its existence."

The opportunity for news organizations to leverage AI is huge: it can facilitate in-depth analysis of public data and information; enhance and personalize the user experience; and develop new formats for delivering information. At the same time, AI presents important challenges for developers, journalists, and society, including the growth and dissemination of potentially misleading information, as well as complex issues involving bias, privacy, and copyright.

Through this partnership, AJP aims to create a support structure for community-driven local news organizations to expand their capabilities through AI. This collaboration will also support the AJP in rebuilding news and creating a healthier information ecosystem at the local level to counter the spread of false and misleading information.

"We are proud to support the American Journalism Project's mission to strengthen our democracy by rebuilding our nation's local news sphere. This collaboration underscores our mission and belief that AI should benefit all and be used as a tool for augmentation efforts tools," said OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. "We look forward to working with the AJP and its grantee organizations to create a valuable feedback loop exploring how AI technologies can support the work of local journalism."

The AJP and its portfolio of news organizations will use funding from OpenAI to experiment with the application of artificial intelligence in the following ways:

Create tech and AI studio: AJP will assemble a team to evaluate the use of artificial intelligence in local journalism. The studio will provide professional guidance to AJP’s portfolio institutions, increase their capabilities in exploring how best to use AI tools, and foster collaboration with OpenAI and other external organizations dedicated to supporting high-quality journalism and stemming the spread of misleading information Collaboration and feedback from partners. As part of this work, the studio will organize a learning community among AJP portfolio institutions to document and share best practices, guidelines and lessons learned from the ongoing experimentation.

Make pilot investments: AJP will issue grants directly to about ten institutions in its portfolio to help them explore opportunities to leverage AI technologies. These grantees will try and experiment with a variety of AI applications; their work will provide examples throughout the local journalism field of how AI technology can best be used.

OpenAI’s API Credits: In addition to the $5 million in funding support, OpenAI will provide up to $5 million in API credits to AJP and its portfolio institutions that can choose to build and use tools leveraging the technology.

The American News Project is a leading venture capital organization addressing market failures in local news. The organization is building and advancing a new generation of nonprofit local news organizations across the country. Encouraging the adoption of new technologies to enhance journalism in the public interest has been a core component of AJP Ventures. To date, AJP has raised $139 million from local and national funding providers to address the local news crisis and supported 41 nonprofit local news organizations across the country.

The AJP, established in 2019, builds on the evidence that solid journalism is a necessary component of a healthy democracy. Local news keeps the public informed and engaged. In the internet age, local news

The dramatic decline in civic life has had measurable consequences, undermining residents' ability to be accountable to community, business, and government leaders, and to connect with neighbors on matters of mutual concern.

Founded in 2015, OpenAI is a research and deployment company dedicated to ensuring the benefits of general artificial intelligence for all. The company is governed by a non-profit organization and follows its original charter.

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