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ChatGPT's Game-Changing Custom Instructions: Personalize AI Interaction 🎮✨

ChatGPT's Game-Changing Custom Instructions: Personalize AI Interaction 🎮✨

Hayo News
Hayo News
July 22nd, 2023

Breaking: The new Custom Instructions feature in ChatGPT will change how you interact with AI

You can now control GPT responses with preset instructions.

One of its superpowers: writing style personalization

Here's how I used it to create the title of this tweet

Steps below↓

Before I show you how, here are a few points to know:

• This beta feature is available today for Plus users everywhere except for the UK & EU

• Coming soon to free GPT users

• You can insert 2 prompts of up to 1500 characters for GPT to remember across conversations

Step #1

To activate this feature, click on the 3 dots beside your profile.

Then click on "Settings & Beta".

Step #2

Go to "Beta features".

Then turn on Custom Instructions.

Step #3

After you have activated Custom Instructions, go back to the home page.

You will be able to see this new button.

Click on it.

Step #4

Give ChatGPT some information.

For example, I gave it a list of my top performing tweet titles in the past:

Step #5

Next, tell ChatGPT how to respond in the future.

For example, I asked it to create new tweet titles with a similar style.

Then click Save.

Step #6

Now's the important part:

Open a new chat.

Give GPT a new instruction.

It should now respond based on the info you provided just now.

Since I want to create a title for this new tweet which introduces the Custom Instructions feature, I asked it for some suggestions.

Here are the results

The suggestions that GPT provided were based on the examples that I gave it earlier.

The beauty of this is that you only need to do it once.

In the future, you just have to give the topic of the tweet.

GPT will then suggest titles based on what worked for you in the past.

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