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Full AI generated "Pabpenheimer" goes viral! Midjourney, Gen-2 version jointly produced, shocking comparable to the original Hollywood film

Full AI generated "Pabpenheimer" goes viral! Midjourney, Gen-2 version jointly produced, shocking comparable to the original Hollywood film

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July 25th, 2023
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This Midjourney and Gen-2 generated "Pabpenheimer" trailer is on fire! After the crazy spread, netizens exclaimed: Is this the original film?

Recently, a trailer of Barbie and Oppenheimer splicing movie generated by AI - "Barbenheimer" (Barbenheimer) became popular! The composition of each shot looks perfect.

Wearing protective goggles, Barbie "made" the atomic bomb, with a stern face and skillful movements.

It is a little regrettable that Barbie looks lifeless, because it is too perfect, there will be a little uncanny valley effect, which makes people a little scared.

The pink mushroom cloud at the end of the trailer was also frantically forwarded by netizens.

One is a biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, and the other is a deconstructive feminist film. The contrast of this mix and match is undoubtedly hilarious. Some people commented: The film has some flavors of Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, which is great!

Click to view the original video:

The creator of the video is a netizen named Curious Refuge. He said that the trailer of "Pabpenheimer" was synthesized by Midjourney and Runway's Gen-2, and the dubbing was also generated by AI. Margot Robbie and Matt Damon's voice.

And, the whole process only took 4 days.

Someone asked a question that hit the soul directly: How powerful is this configuration? CR said: a standard MacBook Pro only!

I have to say that this picture is too realistic. No wonder Hollywood is on strike recently to protest the use of AI in the entertainment industry. Actors, screenwriters, directors... AI overturns everyone's jobs, it's really not just talk.

10 years later, our movies really don't need actors anymore

How to make?

Midjourney can generate realistic images based on the prompt and the original image, but how to make a dynamic image from the generated static image? Regarding the production process, CR revealed some details in the post: This requires a combination of some different techniques, which are much more advanced than directly obtaining renders from tools such as D-ID.

In short, most of the shots were generated by Midjourney and AE, and some shots were generated by Runway Gen-2. Of course, unsurprisingly, CR posted a link of his own course selling in the post🤣. And there are already users who signed up. A new industry - AI film production, may be born.

After carefully studying the author's reply, the editor decided to try it himself! See if you can use Midjourney and Gen-2 to generate the pink atomic bomb explosion yourself. The first is to use Midjourney to generate a picture of a pink atomic bomb explosion.

Select Figure 4 as the first frame of the video, and then download it.

Then register and log in to the Runway account and enter the editing interface.

Click Generate Video on the left.

Upload the picture of the pink mushroom cloud just downloaded to the Gen-2 server.

Then don't enter any prompt words, just generate them directly.

In this way, a total of about 10 minutes, a prompt word + Midjourney + Gen-2, the 4-second scene in the movie is in hand. And if you think that the 4-second effect of a certain scene is not long enough, you can also cut the last frame of 4 seconds to let Gen-2 refill.

In addition to the pink explosion scene, the editor also tried the effect of the character scene.

Because there is no way to control the animation amplitude well through Gen-2, it is impossible to reproduce the scene in the movie.

Netizens shouted: Please remake Quanyou!

CR argues that why would people watch two movies separately when they could watch them both in one? For "Pabpenheimer", CR's recommendation is as follows: "She became death itself, she was the destroyer of worlds. Barbenheimer, the mash-up we've been waiting for."

For Curious_Refuge's work, netizens are excited.

This person said: I used to be depressed when I thought I would get old, but now, when I get old, I can use AI to make a movie that looks exactly like a real movie. This is so cool!

Unsurprisingly, calls for a remake of the final season of Game of Thrones continue. (Sure enough, netizens all over the world have reached a consensus on this aspect)

And a former Google engineer with 1.3 million subscribers also praised this "Pabpenheimer". He commented: "I like using simple artificial intelligence creation tools to skillfully weave a core story, which is far better than piled up with bells and whistles. The creators think it's no big deal, it's simple, but like barbenheimer, the story is above all else, and they miss the real point. "

And another netizen commented that from now on, the debate on which is better, Barbie or Oppenheimer, can stop, after all, AI has created "Pabpenheimer"!

Although CR released only a trailer, some netizens have already shouted that they are willing to spend money to watch the full version of barbenheimer.

Gen-2, a picture can generate a video

Obviously, Gen-2 played a big role in the creation of "Pabpenheimer". Just last week, the start-up company Runway announced another burst-level update: Gen-2 can generate video with only one picture instead of text! The web version is free, and iOS will be launched soon. Netizens with itchy hands couldn't hold back for a long time, and used tools such as Gen-2, PS, MusicGen, AudioLDM to make a wave of blockbuster movies with bursting effects.

Mix and match Midjourney and Gen-2, the high-quality video picture quality is simply jaw-dropping. Some people say: Midjourney 5.2+Gen-2 is too explosive, like a deep rabbit hole, people are completely lost in it.

Moreover, some netizens have found a way to make Gen-2 output longer video.

It is to use the image generated by Midjourney as the initial image, and then use the last frame output by Gen-2 as the next image prompt.

AIGC went viral, Hollywood employees are scared!

Work has ground to a halt across Hollywood in recent weeks. Actors and screenwriters have gone on strike, expressing concern and protest over the impact of AI. The appearance of "Pabpenheimer" at this time is more like a wake-up call. If you can replace it with an AI copy, who will pay a high price for big-name actors like Margot Robbie and Matt Damon?

Why do you need the time-consuming work of artists and screenwriters when you can get movies that can rival Hollywood blockbusters with Midjourney and Gen-2? Today, the entertainment products produced by AIGC are very suitable for viral transmission in the current Internet era. With the popularity of "Pabpenheimer", any content creator can quickly generate their own movie clips and share them on social media. However, it is impossible for traditional advertising companies to catch up with the speed of these private creators, and even dare not try because of the prohibitive cost.

Netizens crazy second creation

After the release of "Babpenheimer", the popularity of the whole network remained high. AI was able to combine a heavy atomic bomb with a pink Barbie. Fans of netizens expressed that they had been brainstormed. At the same time, netizens from all walks of life showed their talents and fell into the enthusiasm for the second creation of "Pabpenheimer". Some netizens started to entertain themselves, using AI to generate a series of funny pictures, and some made videos... It can be said that a hundred flowers are blooming!

Such a deadly matching style, but this Ken still looks a little handsome? Murphy's face can really save a picture!

Barbie can do anything! So... it seems plausible that it would explode? So, what kind of sparks will Barbie and Oppenheimer, who live in the same worldview, create?

Oppenheimer in the pink car, Barbie in the lab. Very good, it has the taste of world fusion.

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