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The "Barbenheimer" virus created entirely by AI is insanely spreading!

The "Barbenheimer" virus created entirely by AI is insanely spreading!

July 25th, 2023

The trailer for "Barbenheimer", generated by Midjourney and Gen-2, has gone viral! After its widespread distribution, netizens exclaimed, "Isn't this the original film?"

Recently, a trailer for a spliced film of Barbie and Oppenheimer created with AI - "Barbenheimer" has become a sensation.Each shot's composition looks absolutely perfect.

Barbie, wearing safety goggles, "creates" an atomic bomb with a stern expression and skilled movements.

A slight regret, however, is that Barbie appears lifeless. Because she is too perfect, it creates a bit of an uncanny valley effect, which can be a bit frightening.

The pink mushroom cloud at the end of the trailer has also been widely shared by netizens.

One is a biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, and the other is a deconstructive feminist film. This blend, creating such a contrast, is undoubtedly hilarious. Some people have commented like this: the film has a touch of Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino, it's too good!

The video creator is a netizen named Curious Refuge, who said that the trailer for "Oppenheimer" was synthesized by the Gen-2 of Midjourney and Runway, with the voice-over also AI-generated imitations of Margot Robbie and Matt Damon.

Moreover, the entire process only took four days.

Someone asked the soul-stirring question: What kind of powerful setup would it take to accomplish this? CR replied: Just a standard MacBook Pro!

It must be said, the imagery is incredibly realistic, which is why Hollywood is recently on strike, protesting the use of AI in the entertainment industry. Actors, screenwriters, directors... AI is not just talking about overturning everyone's job, it's actually doing it.

Indeed, in 10 years, our movies may really not need actors anymore.

How to make it ?

"Midjourney can generate realistic images based on prompts and original pictures. However, how can we create dynamic images from generated static images? Regarding the production process, CR revealed some details in the post: it requires a combination of different technologies and is much more advanced than directly obtaining rendering from tools like D-ID."

In short, most of the work is done by Midjourney and AE, with some shots using Runway Gen-2. Unsurprisingly, CR posted a link to his course in the post, and users have already signed up. A new industry - AI movie production, may be born out of this.

After carefully studying the author's reply, the editor decided to try it out personally! Let's see if I can use Midjourney and Gen-2 to generate a shot of a pink atomic bomb explosion. The first step is to use Midjourney to generate an image of a pink atomic bomb explosion.

I selected image 4 as the first frame of the video, and then downloaded it.

Then I registered and logged into my Runway account and entered the editing interface.

Click on 'Generate Video' on the left side.

Upload the previously downloaded image of the pink mushroom cloud to the Gen-2 server.

Then, without entering any prompt words, generate directly.

Just like that, in about 10 minutes, a 4 second scene from a movie was obtained using one prompt word + Midjourney + Gen-2. Moreover, if you think the 4 second effect of a certain scene is not long enough, you can also capture the last frame of the 4 seconds and let Gen-2 continue.

Besides the pink explosion scene, I also tried the effect of character scenes.

But since it's not possible to control the animation range well through Gen-2, it's not possible to recreate the scenes from the movie.

Netizens cried out: Please reshoot Game of Thrones!

CR believes, when people can watch two movies in one, why should they watch these two movies separately? For 'Barbenheimer', CR's recommendation is this: 'She has become death itself, she is the destroyer of the world. Barbenheimer, the mash-up style we've been looking forward to.

One said: "I used to get depressed at the thought of growing old, but now, when I get old, I will be able to make movies with AI that look exactly like a real movie. That's too cool!"

Unsurprisingly, there continues to be a call for the reshooting of the last season of "Game of Thrones". (Indeed, netizens around the world seem to agree on this.)

A former Google engineer and influencer with 1.3 million subscribers also highly praised "Barbenheimer". He commented: "I enjoy using simple AI creative tools to skillfully weave a story with a core. This is far superior to piling up flashy plots. Creators think it's no big deal, it's simple, but like Barbenheimer, the story is above all else, and they miss the real point."

Another netizen commented, "From now on, the debate over who is better, Barbie or Auburnheimer, can stop, after all, AI has created 'Barbenheimer'!"

Although CR only released a trailer, there are already netizens shouting that they are willing to pay to see the full version of Barbenheimer.

Gen-2, a video can be generated from a single image.

Clearly, Gen-2 played a big role in the creation of "Barbenheimer". Just last week, startup company Runway announced a blockbuster update: you don't need text, just one image, and Gen-2 can generate a video! The web version is free to use, and iOS is about to go live. Eager netizens can't wait to use tools like Gen-2, PS, MusicGen, AudioLDM and others to create a wave of explosive blockbuster effects.

Mixing Midjourney with Gen-2, the high-quality video images are simply jaw-dropping. Some say: Midjourney 5.2 + Gen-2 is so explosive, it's like a deep rabbit hole, completely captivating.

And, some netizens have found a way to make Gen-2 output longer videos.

The method is to use the image generated by Midjourney as the initial image, and then use the last frame output by Gen-2 as the image hint for the next image.

AIGC is going viral, even Hollywood employees are scared!

In recent weeks, all of Hollywood has come to a standstill. Actors and writers have gone on strike, expressing concern and protest about the impact of AI. The emergence of "Barbenheimer" seems to be a wake-up call. If an AI replica can substitute, who would spend a high price to invite big-name actors like Margot Robbie and Matt Damon?

If you can get a movie that can rival Hollywood blockbusters with Midjourney and Gen-2, why would you need the time-consuming work of artists and writers? Nowadays, the entertainment products generated by AIGC are very suitable for viral dissemination in the current Internet era. And with the hot transfer of "Barbenheimer", any content creator can quickly generate their own film clips and share them on social media. Traditional advertising agencies, on the other hand, cannot keep up with the speed of these grassroots creators, and may even be deterred by the daunting costs.

Netizens are going wild with secondary creations.

After the release of "Barbenheimer", the heat on the whole Internet has been high. AI can surprisingly combine the heavy atomic bomb with the pink Barbie, netizens have expressed that they have opened their minds, and at the same time, netizens from all walks of life have shown their skills and fallen into the heat of secondary creation of "Barbenheimer". Some netizens start to entertain themselves, some generate a series of weird pictures with AI, and some make videos... It can be described as a hundred flowers bloom!

Such a deadly combination of styles, but this Ken looks a bit handsome? Murphy's face can really save a picture!

Barbie can do anything! So... it seems quite reasonable to explode? So, what kind of sparks would Barbie and Oppenheimer, living under the same worldview, rub out?

Oppenheimer driving a pink car, Barbie in the lab. Good, it has the flavor of world integration.

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