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The overseas version of WPS AI is open for public beta, with large model support provided by OpenAI and PaLM2

The overseas version of WPS AI is open for public beta, with large model support provided by OpenAI and PaLM2

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Hayo News
July 28th, 2023
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Kingsoft announced on July 27 that the built-in WPS AI assistant in the overseas version of WPS Office has officially started public beta testing.

The biggest difference between the built-in WPS AI of WPS Office overseas version and the domestic version is that its large model support is provided by OpenAI and PaLM2 . According to the actual measurement of IT Home, this function is currently suspected to be supported in some areas, and the official entrance is not found in the upper right corner.

According to the official introduction document provided by WPS, WPS AI can help users create content and enhance inspiration . After users input suggestive content, it can automatically generate professional-format text content, including brainstorming, event lists, work emails and even social platforms. tweets. In addition, it can abbreviate, expand or reformat based on the original text and content, and identify spelling and grammatical errors .

According to previous reports, the official website of the domestic version of WPS AI was launched on July 6. Individuals and corporate users can apply for experience officer qualifications. It supports Windows and Android download and installation, and the iOS terminal is not yet open. At present, WPS text, presentation, forms, PDF smart documents, smart forms, and smart forms all support WPS AI functions, and the capabilities of each component of this product will be opened for application experience one after another.

Compared with the domestic version, the WPS AI international version is available on the text and PDF components of the WPS Office client of the above-mentioned system, and will add complete support for the four major categories of text, presentations, forms and PDF in the future.

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