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The Lost Files - Antarctic Expedition 1995

The Lost Files - Antarctic Expedition 1995

July 30th, 2023

New AI-Driven Documentary "The Lost Files - Antarctic Expedition 1995" Currently in Contests and Preview Revealed

Tech enthusiasts and members of the web community have a new treat to look forward to. Twitter user @Pixlosopher, along with two friends, is currently creating an AI-based fictional documentary that has been submitted to numerous contests.

The documentary, titled "The Lost Files - Antarctic Expedition 1995", has already sparked broad interest. You can click here to view the original post on Twitter.

The project team has leveraged a range of advanced tools to realize this film. These include Midjoueney v 5.2 raw for reference images, Gen Fill for post-production and Runway ML for video generation and editing.

Although the documentary is still in the making, the team has released a trailer, providing audiences with an initial glimpse of the film. They anticipate the addition of more visual effects and music elements when they officially move into production.

@Pixlosopher's tweet has ignited enthusiasm and anticipation for the AI-driven documentary. There is keen interest in the documentary's authentic, excellent portrayal and its performance in the upcoming contests.

Being a piece that combines art and technology, "The Lost Files - Antarctic Expedition 1995" clearly showcases the immense potential of AI in film production. We keenly await further updates and the comprehensive performance of the film.


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