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Microsoft to Switch AI Developing Operations Base to Japan

Microsoft to Switch AI Developing Operations Base to Japan

July 30th, 2023

Microsoft has revealed its plan to shift all the bases of its data centers for its generative AI business, which automatically creates texts, to Japan, aiming to strengthen information management.

Microsoft has been involved in the business of generative AI for companies, and the bases of their data centers that handle AI functions were located in the United States and Europe.

According to the announcement, the company plans to bolster the data center in Eastern Japan and place the AI functions in Japan.

There has been concern over the management of confidential and important information as the bases of the data centers for generative AI are overseas.

The company argues that carrying out all data exchanges within Japan for its generative AI business will lead to strengthened information management.

Also, in line with the expansion of the generative AI business, the company will be considering expanding the data center in Western Japan.

In regard to information management in generative AI, NEC has also begun services using data centers located in Japan, showing a trend towards reinforcement.

Former Digital Minister Hirai: 'More Prominent Options are Available'

On the 27th, the Digital Society Promotion Headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party held an AI utilization work team meeting at the party headquarters, where they received an explanation about the new policy from Microsoft.

Former Digital Minister Hirai, who currently serves as the head of the promotion headquarters, said in a press conference afterwards, "With research and development moving forward in countries around the world, providing a conducive environment in Japan means we'll have more prominent options."

Masakiyo Hirai, a member of the House of Representatives who chairs the work team, praised the move, saying, "Having a data center overseas raises security issues, so setting up a base in Japan is a crucial proposal to ease such concerns."

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