【Stable Diffusion Mode】Basics - Differences Between Different Models

【Stable Diffusion Mode】Basics - Differences Between Different Models

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July 31st, 2023


There are two groups of models: v1 and v2. I will cover the v1 models in this section and the v2 models in the next section.

There are thousands of fine-tuned Stable Diffusion models. The number is increasing every day. Below is a list of models that can be used for general purposes.

Stable diffusion v1.4

Model Page

Download link

Released in August 2022 by Stability AI, v1.4 model is considered to be the first publicly available Stable Diffusion model.

You can treat v1.4 as a general-purpose model. Most of the time, it is enough to use it as is unless you are really picky about certain styles.

Stable diffusion v1.5

Model Page

Download link

v1.5 is released in Oct 2022 by Runway ML, a partner of Stability AI. The model is based on v1.2 with further training.

The model page does not mention what the improvement is. It produces slightly different results compared to v1.4 but it is unclear if they are better.

Like v1.4, you can treat v1.5 as a general-purpose model.

In my experience, v1.5 is a fine choice as the initial model and can be used interchangeably with v1.4.


Download link

F222 is trained originally for generating nudes, but people found it helpful in generating beautiful female portraits with correct body part relations. Interestingly, contrary to what you might think, it’s quite good at generating aesthetically pleasing clothing.

F222 is good for portraits. It has a high tendency to generate nudes. Include wardrobe terms like “dress” and “jeans” in the prompt.

Find more realistic photo-style models in this post.

Anything V3

Model Page

Download Link

Anything V3 is a special-purpose model trained to produce high-quality anime-style images. You can use danbooru tags (like 1girl, white hair) in the text prompt.

It’s useful for casting celebrities to amine style, which can then be blended seamlessly with illustrative elements.

One drawback (at least to me) is that it produces females with disproportional body shapes. I like to tone it down with F222.

Open Journey

Model Page

Download link

Open Journey is a model fine-tuned with images generated by Mid Journey v4. It has a different aesthetic and is a good general-purpose model.

Triggering keyword: mdjrny-v4 style

To see more content about Stable Diffusion from zero click:https://www.hayo.com/article/64c21001ef669957a0d21e63

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