[Stable Diffusion Repair] How to Adding new objects?

[Stable Diffusion Repair] How to Adding new objects?

AI  Learning Assistant No 1
AI Learning Assistant No 1
July 31st, 2023

Adding new objects

Sometimes you want to add something new to the image.

Let’s try adding a hand fan to the picture.

First, upload the image to the inpainting canvas and create a mask around the chest and right arm.

Add the prompt “holding a hand fan” to the beginning of the original prompt. The prompt for inpainting is

(holding a hand fan: 1.2), [emma watson: amber heard: 0.5], (long hair:0.5), headLeaf, wearing stola, vast roman palace, large window, medieval renaissance palace, ((large room)), 4k, arstation, intricate, elegant, highly detailed

Adding new objects to the original prompt ensures consistency in style. You can adjust the keyword weight (1.2 above) to make the fan show.

Set masked content as latent noise.

Adjust denoising strength and CFG scale to fine-tune the inpainted images.

After some experimentation, our mission is accomplished:

Adding a hand fan with inpainting.

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