【Stable Diffusion Mode】Best Models - Beginner to Advanced

【Stable Diffusion Mode】Best Models - Beginner to Advanced

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AI Learning Assistant NO 2
July 31st, 2023

Model comparison

Here’s a comparison of these models with the same prompt and seed. All but Anything v3 generate realistic images but with different aesthetics.

Compare commonly used models. Images generated with the same seed and steps.

Best models

There are thousands of Stable Diffusion models available. Many of them are special-purpose models designed to generate a particular style. Where should you start?

Here are some of the best models I keep going back to:


Dreamshaper model is fine-tuned for a portrait illustration style that sits between photorealistic and computer graphics. It’s easy to use and you will like it if you like this style.

Model page

Download link

Deliberate v2

Deliberate v2 is another must-have model (so many!) that renders realistic illustrations. The results can be surprisingly good. Whenever you have a good prompt, switch to this model and see what you get!

Download link

Realistic Vision v2

Realistic Vision v2 is for generating anything realistic. Learn more about generating realistic people.

Model Download link


Model Page

ChilloutMix is a special model for generating photo-quality Asian females. It is like the Asian counterpart of F222. Use with Korean embedding ulzzang-6500-v1 to generate girls like k-pop.

Like F222, it generates nudes sometimes. Suppress with wardrobe terms like “dress” and “jeans” in the prompt, and “nude” in the negative prompt.

Protogen v2.2 (Anime)

Protogen v2.2 is classy. It generates illustration and anime-style images with good taste.

Protogen v2.2 model page

Download link


GhostMix is trained with Ghost in the Shell style, a classic anime in the 90s. You will find it useful for generating cyborgs and robots.

Download link


Download link

Waifu Diffusion is a Japanese anime style.

Inkpunk Diffusion

Model Page

Download link

Inkpunk Diffusion is a Dreambooth-trained model with a very distinct illustration style.

Use keyword: nvinkpunk

Finding more models

You can find more models in Huggingface.

Civitai is another great resource to search for models.

v2 models

Stability AI released a new series of models version 2. So far 2.0 and 2.1 models are released. The main change in v2 models are

  • In addition to 512×512 pixels, a higher resolution version 768×768 pixels is available. You can no longer generate explicit content because pornographic materials were removed from training.

  • You may assume that everyone has moved on to using the v2 models. However, the Stable Diffusion community found that the images looked worse in the 2.0 model. People also have difficulty in using power keywords like celebrity names and artist names.

The 2.1 model has partially addressed these issues. The images look better out of the box. It’s easier to generate artistic style.

As of now, most people have not completely moved on to the 2.1 model. Many use them occasionally but spend most of the time with v1 models.

To see more content about Stable Diffusion from zero click:https://www.hayo.com/article/64c21001ef669957a0d21e63

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