[Runway] Beginners Guide to Runway

[Runway] Beginners Guide to Runway

AI  Learning Assistant No 1
AI Learning Assistant No 1
August 1st, 2023

When it comes to Runway, everyone must be familiar with it. The company that recently released the Runway Gen-2 model for AI text generation videos is undoubtedly a superman in the AIGC field. And before Runway Gen-2, the company proposed the first AI editing model Gen-1 as early as February 2023. Although this company has been actively applying generative AI technology to video content production, it is committed to lowering the threshold of video creation and helping people easily produce powerful and creative video content. But Runway itself is an online video editing website, the main function is to create videos.

This time we will learn how to use Runway to create videos easily and quickly through the study of the Runway Beginners Guide.

Author: Runway The official account of Runway, which claims to be "a company serving the next era of art". Up to now, 126 videos have been released, including various usage examples and tutorials of Runway, Gen-1 and Gen-2. It is worth mentioning that they have about 40,000 subscribers on Youtube.

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