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Amazon was revealed to form a new team to develop a large language model, CEO Jassy personally supervised

Amazon was revealed to form a new team to develop a large language model, CEO Jassy personally supervised

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August 1st, 2023
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According to reports, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy (Andy Jassy) is now directly leading a new team dedicated to developing AI projects.

The latest leaked internal emails show that Jassy has notified the "S Team" of more than two dozen Amazon executives that he promoted Rohit Prasad, the senior vice president and chief executive of Amazon's Alexa. Scientists, as his direct reports. According to internal emails, Prasad will lead a newly formed team responsible for developing the company's most "ambitious" large language models (LLMs).

A core technology for building artificial intelligence tools is the large language model, which generates human-like answers by learning from large-scale data sets. Companies like OpenAI, Google, and Meta have built large language models that amaze the tech world. Amazon has a number of similar products, including the Alexa Teacher Model and Titan.

In an email in late June, Jassy said Prasad would lead a "core team" building Amazon's "most scalable" big language model .

Jassy wrote in the email: "In short, I want to share the news that Rohit will move to a new position and lead a core team to build our most scalable large language model. Although we are in the company Several large language models have been built, and there are several other projects in development, but we will focus our resources on building our most ambitious large language model, and Rohit will lead the team. In this new role , Rohit will report directly to me."

An Amazon spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

According to previous reports, Amazon is rushing to respond to the rapid rise of generative artificial intelligence. While Amazon has been working on various AI technologies over the past few decades, rivals such as Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google have taken the lead. Meta's latest Llama 2 scale model is also causing a stir in the industry.

It is reported that Amazon has also recently established a new team under the cloud computing department AWS to focus on helping customers use generative artificial intelligence . AWS is also reportedly launching some new AI offerings, such as the Bedrock service, which makes other underlying models more accessible, and Code Whisperer, an AI coding tool due in 2022.

Prasad has been an executive on Amazon's Alexa team for more than 10 years, and Amazon recently launched a new project to use technology like ChatGPT to make Alexa smarter and more personal.

Prasad is also part of Amazon's Devices and Services team, and he will continue to be involved in the business. It is understood that the team leader is Dave Limp (Dave Limp).

Shortly after Jassy's announcement in June, Limp told the team that Prasad would continue to be "a valued partner and enabler of Alexa and play an important role in the future of our business." Daniel Rausch, vice president of the Devices and Services team, will oversee Alexa's product and business organizations, including entertainment, partner engagement and international teams, the email said.

"Our mission and vision for Alexa has not changed, and I am more optimistic than ever about our ability to empower customers," Limp said in an email.

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