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"With AI, I'm useless." Two girls from the art department in Japan want to jump off the cliff

"With AI, I'm useless." Two girls from the art department in Japan want to jump off the cliff

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August 1st, 2023
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The Fukui Shimbun in Japan has reported two suicide attempts related to artificial intelligence (AI).

Both incidents occurred in Tojinbo, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, which is a well-known sightseeing spot and a cliff.

The first incident occurred on June 19 this year. A woman in the second half of her teens was a first-year university student in a certain art department.

In high school, she won national recognition for her illustrations and was recommended by her teacher to enter an art university. However, three months after entering the university, she experienced the horror of the AI ​​introduced by the school. She said that as long as the subject you want to draw is input into AI, you can immediately get a painting with a high degree of completion. In addition, the subject that requires several days of research in the course can be completed by AI in only ten minutes. It can be done, which makes her feel very panic.

Due to her poor family, she had to apply for a loan scholarship of 8 million yen (approximately RMB 402,400). However, she thought of dropping out of school because she felt that she could not successfully complete her studies. After she conveyed this idea to her mother, her mother insisted that she could only finish college.

She said: "Because of the existence of artificial intelligence, I can no longer draw the paintings I like, and I owe a lot of debt. I can no longer see the future, so I chose to come here and commit suicide."

The second incident occurred on June 24 this year. A woman who lives in the Kanto area called the consultation office.

She asked in a low voice on the phone: "I am now at Mikuni Station (located in Osaka Prefecture, Japan), are you going to patrol today? I am here to seek death." The woman said that she is now suffering from depression and panic attacks and ADHD, 12 psychotropic pills a day. "Although I graduated from an art university in the Kansai area, but now the university has begun to introduce artificial intelligence. The animation and games I majored in are now completed by artificial intelligence. My talents no longer have a place to display. , so I started thinking about suicide."

She said that in this world where "even graduation thesis can be easily completed with AI", she didn't understand the meaning of going to school, so she found Tojinbo and wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff.

These are two worrying examples of young women who had dreamed of making a difference in the art world, but whose future dreams and hopes were shattered due to the introduction of AI at their university.

The report mentioned that this may indicate that there may be more AI-related victims in the future.

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