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Azure ChatGPT with GPT-4: Elevating Data Privacy and Control

Azure ChatGPT with GPT-4: Elevating Data Privacy and Control

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 4th, 2023

Azure ChatGPT, now with GPT-4 support, is launched, providing private data assurance and operational isolation from OpenAI. Additionally, it allows users to completely isolate network traffic within their own infrastructure.

This offers both enterprise users and individuals a private and secure ChatGPT service. https://github.com/microsoft/azurechatgpt

Here are some key highlights of this initiative:

→Privacy: The core principle of this project is to safeguard user data privacy, ensuring that user data remains separate from OpenAI-operated services! Users of this service can rest assured that their data will only be utilized under their own control, with no access or interaction from any external parties or services.

The Azure ChatGPT service operates and processes data without any interaction or data sharing with OpenAI's services. This ensures that, when you use the Azure ChatGPT service, your data remains within your environment, preventing any data from being sent to OpenAI's servers or accessed by their services, ensuring data privacy and security, and safeguarding against unauthorized access or data breaches.

→Control: Azure ChatGPT allows users to entirely isolate network traffic within their own infrastructure, providing a higher level of security control. Furthermore, the project incorporates additional enterprise-grade security controls, enabling enterprise users to configure and use the service based on their specific needs and security policies.

→Value of Service: Users are empowered to utilize their internal data sources or integrate with their internal services (such as ServiceNow) using plugins. This flexibility offers customization and tailored usage based on individual requirements, maximizing the service's overall value.