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AI Takes the Lead: Google's Biggest Update Yet

AI Takes the Lead: Google's Biggest Update Yet

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 4th, 2023

Google is about to receive the biggest update in its history. Artificial intelligence will be integrated directly into the search engine. Here's what's new and how to activate the feature (thread):

AI results on top

Google is going to put AI results above all others.

No need to click on links, the information comes to you:

Answer sources

Unlike ChatGPT, Google also gives its sources.

It's easy to check the information by clicking on the links:

Go deeper into a subject

You can ask the AI for more information in just one click.

No need to start a new search:

Generate code

Google will be able to generate code.

Developers will save time:

Activate the feature

To access these features today, click on the link below.

Then click on the "Get started" button below Google Search.


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