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[AI Highlights of the Week] Google is testing a major update: AI may be integrated into the search engine

[AI Highlights of the Week] Google is testing a major update: AI may be integrated into the search engine

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August 4th, 2023
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Google plans to integrate AI into search engine

According to the pusher Paul Couvert, Google may usher in its super update-introducing AI technology directly into the search engine.

According to his introduction, Google will directly display the content output by AI at the top of the search results and indicate the source link, and will provide shortcut buttons for users to ask for more content with one click, and users can even let AI generate directly through the search box code.

Currently, the update is in the beta stage, and it is still necessary to wait for Google's follow-up actions before it is launched to the public.

OpenAI has filed a trademark application for GPT-5

According to the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, OpenAI has applied for the registration of the "GPT-5" trademark on July 18. From the perspective of trademark information, GPT-5 will provide functions such as text generation, natural language understanding, speech transcription, translation, and analysis. .

According to foreign media Decoder, OpenAI is currently testing the next-generation DALL-E 3 "Vincent graph" model on a small scale. Some testers revealed that DALL-E 3 not only supports longer prompt words, but also better generates "text " content.

At the moment, OpenAI is also "down-to-earth" launching humanized updates for existing services. Next week, users will be able to get a series of practical updates such as getting started guides, dialogue suggestions, maintaining login status, and shortcut keys; Plus users can also use GPT- 4 is set as the default model and allows multiple files to be uploaded in the code interpreter, which effectively improves efficiency.

Nvidia Releases 'Minimal' Vincent Graph Model

The Nvidia research team recently released the "small and beautiful" Perfusion "Vincent graph" model. The file size of this model is only 100KB, and the training time only takes 4 minutes, but the official said that the quality of the generated pictures is roughly the same as that of Stable Diffusion 1.5 version. .

At present, the relevant papers of the Perfusion model have been published, and the research team also promises to release the code content soon.

Tongyi Qianwen Open Source 7 Billion Parameters Model

Alibaba Cloud's open source Tongyi Qianwen 7 billion parameter model includes the general model Qwen-7B and the dialogue model Qwen-7B-Chat. Both models are open source, free, and commercially available.

Among them, Qwen-7B is a large language model based on Transformer, which is obtained by training on very large-scale pre-training data. The types of pre-training data are diverse and cover a wide range, including a large number of network texts, professional books, codes, etc. At the same time, on the basis of Qwen-7B, Alibaba Cloud uses the alignment mechanism to create an AI assistant Qwen-7B-Chat based on a large language model, which supports plug-in calls.

Fun Fact of the Week

YouTube Test with AI Summary Video

YouTube is testing the ability to automatically generate video summaries using AI, according to a Google support page.

The AI-generated video summaries for these tests will only appear next to a small number of English-language videos, and are currently only available to a small number of users, Google said. The purpose of this function is to provide users with a short overview of video content without replacing the original description written by the video author, to help users decide whether to watch the video.

"GTA5" new MOD: use AI to make NPC "live"

MOD developer BlocTheWorkerBloc recently developed a MOD called "Inworld Sentient Streets" for "that game". The MOD uses the Inworld AI Character Engine and ElevenLabs neural network speech synthesizer, and adds a new story mode to the game.

In the MOD's new story mode, the "Nihilist" sect takes control of the city. They believe that people are living in a video game and worship AI as a god of faith. As a Los Santos Police Department agent, you need to work with three partners to stop the vandalism of the "nihilist" within 3 days. Players can move freely in the game and have real-time conversations with NPCs through microphones.