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New Microsoft Edge browser feature: Bing AI helps you rewrite text

New Microsoft Edge browser feature: Bing AI helps you rewrite text

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 7th, 2023
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A few months ago, Microsoft updated the SwiftKey keyboard app on iOS and Android with a new feature that uses Bing AI to rewrite text in various styles, and a similar feature is coming soon to the desktop version of the Microsoft Edge browser. .

As spotted by Twitter user @Leopeva64, a recent Edge Canary update introduced a feature that rewrites text with Bing AI. This feature allows users to select a piece of text in the input box and use the Alt + I shortcut to rewrite it. Edge will pop up a window showing the text rewritten by Bing AI, and there are several buttons to replace the selected text, adjust the generated results, or try to regenerate the text.

Like SwiftKey on Android and iOS, the feature can use Bing AI to rewrite text in different styles . Users can choose from four tones: professional, casual, enthusiastic, and informal; change the format: paragraph, email, blog post, and idea; and choose length: short, medium, and long. Then click the Rewrite button to apply the settings and regenerate Bing AI's responses.

Currently, the Bing AI rewriting text function is being pushed to some internal test users of the Canary channel. This is an A/B test, meaning not everyone will have access to this new feature. Edge Dev has a similar feature: right-clicking on highlighted text and selecting the "Ask Bing AI" option will open a Bing sidebar where the text can be interpreted, modified, or extended.

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