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Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat is coming to mobile browsers

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat is coming to mobile browsers

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 8th, 2023

Microsoft is bringing its AI-powered Bing Chat to mobile browsers soon. While Bing Chat has been available in separate Android and iOS mobile apps since late February, Microsoft is opening it up to all mobile browsers as part of the broader changes to stop blocking Bing Chat on third-party browsers.

Bing Chat first launched in February, but it was restricted to Microsoft’s own Edge browser. Microsoft started opening up to Chrome and Safari desktop browsers in late July as part of testing for full third-party browser support.

“With so many new, useful features now a part of Bing, we’re excited to announce you can start experiencing the new AI-powered Bing in third-party browsers on web and mobile soon,” says the Bing team in a blog post. “This next step in the journey allows Bing to showcase the incredible value of summarized answers, image creation and more, to a broader array of people.”

Microsoft first launched Bing Chat six months ago, and the company says it has “seen nine consecutive quarters of growth on Edge,” most likely thanks to the fact Microsoft had locked Bing Chat to its own browser. There have also been over 1 billion chats on Bing Chat and over 750 million images generated using the service.

Windows Copilot, powered by Bing Chat, is also coming to Windows 11 soon. Microsoft is currently testing this sidebar in builds of Windows 11, and it’s looking like it will likely roll out to all Windows 11 users later this year.

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