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Unlimited creativity: Free AI short video generation tool Pika makes creation more dynamic!

Unlimited creativity: Free AI short video generation tool Pika makes creation more dynamic!

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 8th, 2023
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A free-to-use AI short video generator. Compared with the regular static images generated by Gen-2, one of the advantages of Pika is that it is easy to achieve dynamic effects, and the generation speed is very fast. Basically, the video can be completed within 30 seconds. generate The following is the specific operation process

→Pika's generation service is the same as midjourney, it is hosted in discord, Currently in the Beta internal testing stage, you can enter the official website and click "Join Beta" to fill out the application form , and you will receive the official Discord invitation link within 1-3 days

→ Enter the #⁠generate-X channel on the left

Use /create, and then enter the prompt, currently supports the following parameters: -gs xx (similar to CFG, the higher the value the closer to the prompt) -neg "xxx" (negative prompt) -hide (hide your prompt from other users) -ar xx:xx (video ratio) -motion 0 or 1 (1 will have more motion results) -seed xx (number of seeds)

→ Note that Pika currently supports a variety of aspect ratios, including the ratio of the vertical version of the mobile phone

The parameters of Pika are still increasing, and the follow-up may be different from the ones introduced in the article. Just pay attention to the official notice

Recommend the parameters I currently use by default: -hide -ar 16:9 -motion 1

→ Pika is very effective in dealing with artistic styles. The stylized scenes are very unique. Generally speaking, after the paintings are animated, they are very smooth and natural, and the video scenes similar to Van Gogh's style are very good.

→ Pika's semantic understanding of prompts is not bad, suitable for relatively simple and straightforward prompts, too complicated scenes and logical relationships are not as good as Gen-2