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Meet Claude Instant 1.2: Now Available via API!

Meet Claude Instant 1.2: Now Available via API!

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 10th, 2023

Introducing AnthropicAI's Latest Version of Claude Instant: Version 1.2, Now Accessible via Our API! Claude Instant, our swifter and more affordable model, remains exceptionally competent and versatile. It adeptly manages various tasks, encompassing dialogue, analysis, summarization, and document comprehension.

Claude Instant 1.2 incorporates the strengths of Claude 2 in real-world use cases and shows significant gains in key areas like math, coding, and reasoning.

It generates longer, more structured responses and follows formatting instructions better.

The latest model has also made improvements on safety. It hallucinates less and is more resistant to jailbreaks, as shown in our automated red-teaming evaluation.

Developers looking to work with Claude Instant 1.2 can now call the latest model over API! https://docs.anthropic.com/claude/reference/selecting-a-model


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