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Bing Chat for Business planned to be added to Microsoft 365 subscriptions in September

Bing Chat for Business planned to be added to Microsoft 365 subscriptions in September

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Hayo News
August 10th, 2023
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A few days ago, Microsoft released Bing Chat (Bing Chat) Enterprise Edition, which is a version of Bing Chat designed for enterprises and organizations. This week the company revealed that it will add Bing Chat for Enterprise plans to its Microsoft 365 subscription service in early September.

Microsoft made the announcement via the private Microsoft 365 admin center, and the chatbot is currently in public preview, reports Petri.com. According to the news from the management center, Bing Chat Enterprise Edition will be enabled by default at the end of August, and administrators can choose not to enable Bing Chat Enterprise Edition by default. The public preview is currently available to subscribers of Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard and Business Premium services, and the company plans to offer each user individually for $5 per month Access to Bing Chat for Business.

The main feature of Bing Chat for Business is its security and privacy updates for business use. In its July announcement, Microsoft said:

With Bing Chat for Business, user and business data is protected and never leaked outside the organization. Both input and output content remains secure. Chat data is not saved and cannot be accessed by Microsoft -- which means no one can view your data. Also, your data will not be used to train the model.

Microsoft has also recently been testing Bing Chat support for third-party desktop and mobile browsers such as Chrome, and plans to add support for these browsers to all Bing Chat users in the near future.

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