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Spotify is officially launching an AI-powered 'DJ' feature, sources say

Spotify is officially launching an AI-powered 'DJ' feature, sources say

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 10th, 2023
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Spotify launched an AI-driven beta "DJ" function in the North American market in February this year. According to foreign media Engadget, Spotify is currently planning to expand the service to dozens of markets around the world and officially launch this AI DJ function. .

▲ Picture source Spotify App interface

After inquiry, we learned that users can find the AI ​​DJ function in the "Music" subscription section of the Spotify mobile platform app. This function only supports the generation of English content. After enabling this function, users can listen to DJs generated based on AI "Songlists," which include AI-generated song reviews.

▲ Demonstration of AI DJ function of Spotify App, video provided by Bilibili user Sniedes

Spotify said the AI ​​DJ can provide users with "light-hearted and humorous conversation content, combined with specific songs and artist information that users have listened to before, to provide users with a 'tailored' experience."

It is reported that Spotify's AI-driven "DJ" function has covered 50 markets in North America, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc., but East Asia (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea), the European Union and other markets are temporarily unable to use this feature.

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