Create custom AI chatbots in 3 steps with Droxy AI

Create custom AI chatbots in 3 steps with Droxy AI

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 11th, 2023

Can you create AI chatbots without any coding knowledge? 🤔

Yes, you can.

Here's how to create a custom AI chatbot with Droxy AI:

Step 1

http://droxy.ai allows you to upload your content in various formats all at once in just a few seconds.

✅ PDFs ✅ MP4s ✅ YouTube videos ✅ Websites ✅ Raw text

Step 2

Here are three easy steps to help you create a personalized chatbot from the content you have uploaded.

1️⃣ Select resources 2️⃣ Configure its persona and behavior 3️⃣ Customize its look and feel

Step 3

Share your chatbot.

✅ With a public or a password-protected link ✅ By integrating it within your own website ✅ By connecting it to your Discord server

Step 4

The ability to chat with individual resources without the need to create a dedicated chatbot is available.

1️⃣ Click on the resource card 2️⃣ Open the chatbot 3️⃣ Extract any insight

Some other impressive features include

✏️ Droxy Editor – AI powered text editor 💬 Droxy Chat – Customizable general chatbot ✨ LLM Model selection – GPT3/4, Claude 2, Llama 2

Start now for free at



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