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Ultra-realistic portrait video, 100% AI generated! The entrepreneurial team was born in Snapchat, and has earned millions of dollars in 7 months

Ultra-realistic portrait video, 100% AI generated! The entrepreneurial team was born in Snapchat, and has earned millions of dollars in 7 months

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August 11th, 2023
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In the following two videos, can you tell which one is real and which one is generated by AI?

△: Pay attention to the background of the characters on the left

In fact, both are 100% AI-generated portrait videos.

Now, this effect can be achieved by uploading only a short 2-minute video. Not only is the generation speed fast, but the video also has a slightly dynamic background .

In addition, "subtle body language" such as gestures, facial expressions and mouth movements can also be adjusted.

After seeing these generated effects, netizens raised their thumbs up and exclaimed:

Awesome, the rules of the video production game are about to change!

There are also netizens who say bluntly: "The digital person will do it for me, and the interview will no longer be nervous."

Of course, in addition to being surprised, there are also some different styles of painting. For example, this netizen thinks:

Compared with excitement, I will be more worried about the abuse of technology.

feature a realistic

All these videos above are from HeyGen's Joshua Avatar 2.0 , an AI portrait video tool, which focuses on a super-realistic one.

Currently, HeyGen provides more than 100+ digital human materials and templates, including advertisements, e-commerce, news, etc. You can also edit and generate PPTs by yourself.

It also supports 300+ different timbres and 40+ languages ​​at the same time, and you can play various dubbing at will. For example, let’s have a French-speaking Musk:

Of course, the video quality is not bad, they are all 1080P, which can hold computers, mobile phones, horizontal and vertical screens. In addition, features include "text-to-video conversion, audio upload, multi-scene video, video sharing, and background music options."

To make a video, you only need three steps at most:

Select image, write text, etc. output.

Although the effect is very flamboyant, netizens found a bug after the internal test, that is, the blinking frequency of digital humans is a bit too high :

A human blinks once every 5 seconds, while a digital human blinks 50 times per second.

However, some netizens joked: "Those who lie will keep blinking."

At present, Joshua Avatar 2.0 has not been fully launched yet, and the official website currently provides version 1.0, friends with itchy hands need to wait more.

But the good news is that the latest version has been opened for internal testing, and interested friends can queue up to try it first.

Internal test link: https://am8evw00qys.typeform.com/to/wauwjUYP?typeform-source=t.co/

$1 million in revenue in 7 months

From the current release of video details and comparison with similar AIGC tools in the market, Joshua Avatar 2.0 does a very good job in terms of realism.

According to the official website, the main reason why HeyGen works so well is that the product is based on Surreal Engine, and Surreal Engine itself is dedicated to creating VR and AR experiences, focusing on generating real-time character video sequences .

And like d-id is based on GANs, GANs itself is more focused on modifying and converting existing videos , such as face replacement, scene conversion and other synthetic processing.

In addition, the entrepreneurial team of HeyGen is also worth mentioning.

Founded in 2020, the company has focused on AI digital human generation from the beginning. The founder CEO once served as the main engineer at Snapchat, responsible for the field of machine learning.

At the end of April this year, founder Joshua Xu posted a blog, saying that since the product was launched in September 2022, it has achieved $1 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) in just 7 months. At the same time, it has maintained a stable month-on-month growth rate of 50% for nine consecutive months.

Moreover, the entire team has only about 30 people, distributed in 3 continents, 4 countries and 6 cities, working remotely.

At present, the company's profit model is mainly based on customer payment, and the API interface will be opened in the future to provide more team collaboration and enterprise functions.

In addition, the CEO also said that he has accumulated millions of video data, and will also consider doing a large model (LLM) in the video vertical field.

What do you think of this tool?

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