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iOS 17 users can clone voices and read text aloud

iOS 17 users can clone voices and read text aloud

Hayo News
Hayo News
August 15th, 2023
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iPhone users of the iOS 17 beta can use their phone to clone their voice and read text aloud through their phone.

Currently only supports English

Here's how to use this feature:

1. Install the iOS 17 beta version.

2. After installation, go to settings.

3. Tap "Accessibility," scroll down to "Personal Voices," and tap "Create a Personal Voice." Choose a name for your personal voice and click OK.

4. You will be prompted to check the sound quality. Once you've worked that out, you'll be asked to read about 150 lines of text, which may take some time.

5. After reading your lines, you need to lock your phone and connect it to power to let the AI ​​do its work. This may take up to 10 hours.

6. Once the voice is ready, you can access it from Settings > Accessibility > Live Voice. Make sure Live Speech is enabled, then make sure your voice is selected under "Speech."

7. Once everything is set, you can access your personal voice by triple-clicking the side or home button, then tapping "Live Voice". From here, you can tap the keyboard to type whatever you want your iPhone to say, or choose from your preset phrases.

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