【CN LLM】6.Related Warehouse

【CN LLM】6.Related Warehouse

AI  Learning Assistant No 1
AI Learning Assistant No 1
August 16th, 2023

  • FindTheChatGPTer:


Introduction: ChatGPT exploded and opened a key step towards AGI. This project aims to summarize those open source alternatives of ChatGPT, including large text models, multi-modal large models, etc., to provide some convenience for everyone.

  • LLM_reviewer:


Introduction: Summarize the recent blowout development of large language models, mainly open-source, small-scale, privatized deployment, and low-cost training "vicuna-like" models.

  • Awesome-AITools:


Introduction: Collect and organize AI-related practical tools, reviews and related articles.

  • open source ChatGPT and beyond:


Introduction: This repository aims to record the open source ChatGPT and provide an overview of how to participate, including: basic model, technology, data, domain model, training pipeline, acceleration technology, multi-language, multi-mode, etc.

  • Awesome Totally Open Chatgpt:


Introduction: This repository records the list of fully open alternatives to ChatGPT.

  • Awesome-LLM:


Brief: This repository is a curated list of papers on large-scale language models, especially those related to ChatGPT. It also contains the LLM training framework, tools to deploy LLM, courses and tutorials on LLM, and all publicly available LLM checkpoints and APIs.

  • DecryptPrompt


Introduction: Summarizes Prompt&LLM papers, open source data & models, AIGC applications.

  • Awesome Pretrained Chinese NLP Models


Introduction: It collects some high-quality Chinese pre-training models that are currently open on the Internet.

  • ChatPiXiu:


Introduction: This project aims to create a comprehensive and practical ChatGPT model library and document library. The current V1 version includes: related data research + general minimum implementation + domain/task adaptation, etc.

  • LLM-Zoo:


Introduction: This project collects open-source and closed-source LLM models, including release time, model size, supported languages, domains, training data and corresponding papers/warehouses, etc.

  • LLMs-In-China:


Introduction: This project aims to record the development of large-scale models in China, and at the same time continue to deeply analyze the situation of open source and open large-scale models and data sets.

  • BMList:


Introduction: This project collected large models with more than 1 billion parameters, and sorted out the applicable modes, publishing institutions, suitable languages, parameter quantities, open source addresses, APIs and other information of each large model.

  • awesome-free-chatgpt:


Introduction: This project collects a list of free ChatGPT mirror sites, ChatGPT alternatives, and tutorial tools for building your own ChatGPT, etc.

For more content, please pay attention to:【CN LLM】Awesome Chines LLM included

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