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Use ChatGPT to develop games: text directly generates mini-games, StoryGames.AI is here!

Use ChatGPT to develop games: text directly generates mini-games, StoryGames.AI is here!

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August 22nd, 2023
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The well-known no-code game development platform buildbox was officially released, and the game development platform StoryGames.AI integrated with generative AI. Users only need text prompts, and a 10-chapter video game can be generated in about 5 minutes.

StoryGames.AI can be used on the web alone, or integrated into the buildbox Classic development platform for more in-depth game development/changes, such as adding scenes, obstacles, replacing background music, editing NPC life, editing story scripts, etc.

StoryGames.AI's newly launched functions are in the testing and iteration stage, and the quality of the generated games is still not comparable to that of professional development. But StoryGames.AI shows a new concept of game development. It is completely feasible to develop games in the way of ChatGPT, so that ordinary people without any programming experience can also create games.

StoryGames.AI function display

In fact, the world-renowned game developer Ubisoft has launched a ChatGPT-like product called "Ubisoft Ghostwriter", which can help game scripters automatically generate NPC dialogues, game plots, task content, etc. to improve game development Efficiency and creativity.

Brief introduction of StoryGames.AI

The technical principle of StoryGames.AI is to combine its buildbox game development engine with generative AI, and then quickly generate games through textual questions.

StoryGames.AI can generate detective, cyberpunk, love, mysterious fantasy and other video games. Its style is similar to "Escape Room" games, and it can interact with users to achieve immersive gameplay. In addition to being used to generate games, StoryGames.AI can also help educators, enterprises, and medical workers generate some videos for education and publicity.

StoryGames.AI supports online, and can also be integrated in the development side of buildbox Classic. "AIGC Open Community" experienced it through the online function.

1. Log in to https://storygames.buildbox.com/ to create an account for free, and then directly enter text prompts, for example, to generate an ancient desert game. This land contains mysterious oriental elements. Put on a red cloak .

2. After sending the text, StoryGames.AI will start to automatically generate the game: 1) Generate the story script; 2) Add game graphics and sound; 3) After the game development is completed, scan the QR code through the Buildbox World app to start the game on your phone.

The entire game generation process is about 5 minutes or less.

StoryGames.AI generates game flow chart

Games generated by StoryGames.AI support source file download , and in-depth development in Buildbox Classic to add or modify more game elements.

Using StoryGames.AI in buildbox Classic

Download the latest version of buildbox Classic (v.2.23.9 or higher), and the Story Games AI development assistant will appear on the main interface. (Download address: https://signup.buildbox.com/product/bb2 )

The development assistant will ask the user about the story details of the game to be developed, the protagonist, opponent or obstacle, background music and health system. You can provide the corresponding information according to the game content, or skip and let the AI ​​decide for itself.

In about 5 minutes or so, the game will be generated. Logging will appear on the right panel, just hover over the item to preview what's done.

If you are not satisfied with the live game, you can make background, sound, visual, image, scene, location and other element changes in the editor.

In addition, the user can also change the storyline, and the stand-alone [Mind Map] can enter the story editing page. Here you can not only change the story, but also expand the story and change the outcome of the game, for example, from a 10-chapter game to 20 chapters.

It is worth mentioning that StoryGames.AI can also help developers generate game icons. Just click the [Settings icon] in the editor to view the game icon and make changes.

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