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The Collision of AI and Mind Mapping: XMind's Business Exploration in the AIGC Era

The Collision of AI and Mind Mapping: XMind's Business Exploration in the AIGC Era

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August 24th, 2023
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At present, XMind has 5 million active users worldwide and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. After adding the AI ​​function, its user scale has been further expanded.

With the advent of the AIGC era, people began to try to use the power of AI to break through such limitations and improve the thinking process qualitatively.

XMind, which combines artificial intelligence technology, is such an innovative product.

Anyone who has used a mind map knows that it is an artifact to sort out the knowledge framework and represents a structured way of thinking. Whether it is taking reading notes or brainstorming, the efficiency and quality of thinking have been greatly improved.

However, traditional mind maps are usually drawn by hand, or created using basic drawing software. This method takes a lot of time and energy, which makes it very cumbersome and laborious when faced with large-scale projects or complex tasks.

As an AI product based on a large language model, XMind Copilot can not only generate and provide a complete mind map service by inputting text, but also automatically switch between Chinese and English modes according to different language preferences.

So, what advantages does this AI product with innovative strength and international vision have that enables it to conquer such a vast overseas market?

How does AI empower XMind?

What kind of sparks will the collision of AI and mind map burst out?

XMind uses its own product XMind Copilot to give the answer.

At the end of 2022, facing the rapid rise of LLM (Large Language Model)-based pan-creative applications led by ChatGPT, XMind realized how much impact generative AI will have on the creative market.

Therefore, XMind decided to seize this opportunity immediately and launch the XMind Copilot Beta version based on GPT-3.5 first. In order not to break the subscription payment and development rhythm of the original software, this time the Beta version was launched on an independent webpage first.

Screenshot of XMind Copilot product web page

What can XMind Copilot do?

Specifically, XMind Copilot is divided into four main functions:

One-liner: Enter a sentence in the text box, and GPT can generate a mind map based on this sentence with one click;

Inspire Me: Expand your new ideas with one click, inspire more inspiration, and discover new ideas and creative points more easily;

Ghostwriter : One-click to help you write efficiently and generate a logical and clear article.

Outliner: Summarize the ideas of the article with one click, helping you quickly obtain the content summary from the complicated content;

Among them, One-liner is the core application of XMind Copilot. To use this app to create a mind map, just enter a sentence in the text box and click "Generate", XMind Copilot will immediately generate a mind map based on the input. We take the "tea making process" as an example to let AI generate such a mind map.

At this time, AI will generate a complete mind map in a few seconds. From the classification of tea to picking, disinfection, packaging and other processes are involved.

When facing a topic but have no ideas, XMind Copilot will be an excellent assistant for generating sparks of thinking.

Figure XMind Copilot generated mind map of tea making process

Inspire Me is "Give Me Inspiration" in the upper left corner. Click this button, and AI will add new theme content based on the original idea. For example, in the "drinking" content section, AI added a detailed tea tasting process in the "process details", turning some basic outlines into detailed content with points and segments.

Figure The detailed process has been added to the drinking content

Ghostwriter can generate long paragraphs of text based on the original outline and the full-text idea.

The basic characteristics of the tea leaves are generated here. With a reasonable combination of prompt words, Ghostwriter can generate paragraphs that better meet the requirements of the outline. This can greatly improve the efficiency of writing and increase productivity.

Fig. The "basic characteristics" paragraph generated in the "classification of tea" category

Finally there is the Outliner tool. XMind Copilot can import XMind proprietary XMind suffix mind map files, and can also import files in Markdown format. After importing the file, AI will assist in summarizing the full text, output the outline of the file content, or continue to work in XMind Copilot, relying on the above three tools to improve the content of the mind map.

In addition, compared with GPT-3.5, XMind Copilot has already packaged the current common prompt improvement Automatic Prompt Engineer (APE Prompt automatic generation), thus enhancing the generation ability of AI without requiring the improvement of user skills .

At the same time, through the above text generation logic, XMind Copilot can get rid of the context length limitation of conventional large language models, greatly expanding the text generation ability. To a certain extent, it avoids the problem of generation ability decline in long context environment.

XMind's business exploration in AIGC era

XMind has been the top mind-mapping software in overseas markets since 2012.

In terms of office software, AIasaservice is the current development trend. XMind also chose to follow up the development of AI and produced its own Copilot.

However, this tool is still in a relatively early stage. XMind Copilot is currently still working in an independent webpage, not bound with XMind's core products, but as an independent gadget.

XMind Copilot's current profit method is to charge according to the amount of text generated, rather than the subscription system similar to XMind. Currently it is priced at RMB 30 per 1,000,000 tokens (approximately between 500,000 and 30,000 Chinese characters) or USD 3.99 per 1,000,000 tokens.

Figure XMind Copilot Pricing

Currently XMind's products are not associated with any AI tools. XMind Copilot is just a "small and beautiful" creative production tool, which cannot be effectively fed back into the core application. Under the premise that the field of mind mapping is gradually being developed, XMind wants to seek the next growth point, and XMind Copilot is a useful attempt to this idea.

On June 5, 2023, XMind announced the acquisition of ChatMind, a similar software to Copilot. The working principle of this software is also similar to XMind Copilot. This acquisition may be to further strengthen XMind's voice in the AIGC era and enhance its technical reserves in the AI ​​field. Make full preparations for further strengthening XMind Copilot in the future.

Figure ChatMind publicity image in XMind press release

After a long hard work, XMind has been firmly sitting on the top spot in the field of mind mapping. Facing the ferocious offensive of latecomers, the current situation is similar to that of Mindmanager in the early days of XMind. The chasing troops are fierce, and they are always ready to surpass XMind and replace it.

Tool software should grasp this AI revolution in order to maintain or further enhance the software strength.

Limited by the API interface fee of GPT-3.5, as the usage of Copilot increases, its marginal cost tends to be infinitely high.

Therefore, the combination of subscription system is currently the best solution.

The subscription system is paired with long-term cost functions. If users are more accepting of this function, its AI function can also greatly enhance the attractiveness of software subscriptions.

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