[SD System Course]SD extension plug-in tutorial

[SD System Course]SD extension plug-in tutorial

AI  Learning Assistant No 1
AI Learning Assistant No 1
August 25th, 2023

When pursuing higher resolution and finer picture quality in Stable Diffusion, graphics card performance and video memory size have always been the biggest obstacles that limit our performance.

And today, I want to bring you a magical plug-in "Combination Boxing" that can save more than half of the video memory consumption and increase the drawing efficiency by more than 50%——

Using Tiled Diffusion & VAE, you can easily decompose the high-definition large-scale drawing task by drawing in blocks; and combined with the "artifact" Tile model in ControlNet 1.1, you can also add more amazing detail textures and achieve more stability amplified output.

Please pay attention to more content:https://www.hayo.com/article/64e723a70850fb557df580ef

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